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Who We Are

Female Travel Bloggers launched as a Facebook group in November 2015, because even though there were communities online for blogging, there really wasn’t one for women who write about travel.

We have been able to create a legitimate group because we screen all of our members to validate that they each run their own registered travel website. This is our utmost priority in creating a supportive network, but further, in connecting with brands in the most relevant way.

The Benefit Of Joining Female Travel Bloggers…

We offer our members opportunities to:

  • Enhance their readership
  • Develop their social media presence 
  • Network and make connections from around the world
  • Promote their blogging related businesses
  • Keep up with relevant trends in blogging and social media
  • Provide opportunities to work with travel brands which we promote for sponsorships, FAM tours etc

If you are a Female Travel Blogger and have not requested to join us you can find us by clicking on the image below. If you are just starting your blogging journey, please note that you do need to have a website set up in order to join our community.

From Our Community

Destination Guide for London, UK

London has to be the most exciting city in the world! It is a fascinating mix of old and new, combined with fantastic food and great shopping. A London vacation gives you a bit of everything. This destination guide will cover the key London attractions,...
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FTB Featured Blogger – Kym Tyson: 33 And Free

Each month, we’ll introduce you to a member of our Female Travel Bloggers Facebook community so you can learn about who they are, why they became a blogger and what their favorite travel moments have been so far. Meet Kym from "33 And Free." What inspired...
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FTB Featured Blogger – Janine Good: Fill My Passport

Each month, we’ll introduce you to a member of our Female Travel Bloggers Facebook community so you can learn about who they are, why they became a blogger and what their favorite travel moments have been so far. Meet Janine Good from "Fill My Passport."...
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Destination Guide for Tenerife, Spain

Unfortunately, Tenerife is still seen by many as a destination only for holiday packages. Or as an island packed with elderly people from the UK. They couldn’t be more wrong! By limiting your view of the Canarian island of Tenerife to the image that you...
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To FOLLOW or NOFOLLOW: Understanding links and indexing for your travel blog

One of the most asked questions in our group, Female Travel Bloggers, is in regards to follow or nofollow links. It’s bad enough we have to figure out when to follow or not to follow but we also need to define the terms to understand what they mean. The...
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Destination Guide for San Francisco, USA

San Francisco is a tiny city of only 49 square miles on the west coast of the USA in northern California. What it lacks in size, it makes up amply in charm, unusual topography, natural beauty, unique geography, vibrant culture, diversity and unmatched...
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Meet The Team

Toni Frazer

Toni Frazer

Marketing Manager

Toni is a Melbourne born high school teacher and travel writer who hopes to move into tourism.

A film and TV nut, she plans her travels around seeing the world’s most iconic filming locations; whether its carrying a watermelon at the Mountain Lake Hotel in Virginia just like baby in Dirty Dancing, or walking along Hellbrunner Allee in Salzburg like Maria in The Sound of Music, she always finds a location to explore.

Toni loves the USA and travels there yearly, but she has been lucky enough to explore most of Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. She has lived abroad as an expat in London and Vancouver, but Melbourne will always be home.

Connect with Toni on her site Enchanted Serendipity

Jess Shetler

Jess Shetler

Pinterest Manager

Jess is a cat loving, mountain climbing, cowgirl boot wearing travel blogger from Texas, USA.

She is a recent graduate from Colorado State University in Human Development and Family Studies. When not teaching the future of her country, Jess is usually on her laptop doing Pinterest Consultation for bloggers and small businesses, working on her blog, or sharing funny cat videos and memes.

Within the next 5-10 years, Jess hopes to be location independent so she can see as much of the world as possible. If you’re looking to talk cats, country music, mountains, wine, or Pinterest with, Jess is your gal.

Connect with Jess on her site Thrifty Traveler Tips

Susanna Kelly

Susanna Kelly

Instagram Manager

Susanna Kelly is an adrenaline junkie from Alaska, on a quest to explore the great outdoors.

However, she openly admits to being a total geek at heart. Her blog, the Wandering Chocobo, focuses on adventure travel and eco-tourism, while hitting pause for what she’s defining as hipster city travel. Her hipster city guides explore craft cocktail bars, boutique hotels, markets, local businesses and geek hideouts.

When she’s not creating content for her travel blog or freelance ventures, she likes to work on her fiction novel, LARPing and gaming, volunteering and getting to level 99 in life. She currently lives in Munich, Germany.

Connect with Susanna at her site Wandering Chocobo

Sophie Sanchez

Sophie Sanchez

Twitter Manager

Sophie is a biologist and science writer who blogs about commercial spaceflight, space tourism, and space destinations.

She travels the USA and the world to bring space to her readers as editor of Cosmic Chicago with ChicagoNow – a blog network with the Chicago Tribune Media Group.

Currently, she is working on a book and off chasing rockets!

Connect with Sophie on her site Cosmic Chicago

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Lottie Reeves

Lottie Reeves

Website & Facebook Manager

Originally from the UK, Lottie has traveled extensively across 6 continents & lived in Australia, Canada & South Africa.

She ditched the bright lights of primary classrooms to embark on an adventure exploring South Africa in a caravan as a location independent freelancer. Her next adventure is taking her, temporarily, back to the UK where she will be living in a narrowboat and bobbing around on the waterways.

A self proclaimed princess who loves all things pink and sparkly; connect with Lottie at her site Princess In A Caravan