Finding the perfect gift for someone who travels can be hard. Your gift to them needs to be practical, packable and something they will be excited to receive! Don’t worry, we’ve put together 25 of the best gifts for travelers to make your gift buying easy – chances are you’ll also add some of them to your wish list 🙂

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1. Backpack

Every girl needs a good backpack to explore a new city! Check out our favorite backpacks including one that opens like a suitcase so you can see everything you’re bringing while also packing light, ones that are anti-theft so you don’t lose your valuables while traveling, a handy travel bag that’s perfect for working on the road, and a cute day bag.

2. Tote bag

If your friend isn’t a backpack person and wants to shove everything in a tote when you travel instead, that’s totally fine! Check out these super cute tote bags with plenty of room for all of the souvenirs that you pick up throughout the day.

3. Scarf wrap

Everyone needs a nice scarf when they’re traveling. You can use them to cover up before you go into a church, add a fun new look to an outfit you already wore on your trip, block yourself from the sun and more. Grab a matching scarf wrap for you and your bestie!

4. Money Belt

No one wants to lose your valuables while you’re traveling. Check out these trendy money belts that are both cute and functional as well as some that are completely hidden. This is the perfect gift for girls who don’t like to carry purses everywhere they go.

5. Passport holder

If your friend is anything like me, then she probably has a hard time keeping track of her passport or is paranoid about it being stolen or losing it. These super cute passport holders keep your passport safe and protected while you’re traveling and some of them even allow you to store your cards with it too so you can keep track of everything together. We even found one that’s waterproof!

6. Power bank

I don’t know how anyone can go on a trip without one of these power banks so they definitely make it on to the list of best gifts for travelers! They allow you to charge your electronics on the go so you’re never stranded in a city without your phone or camera. It has been a lifesaver for us more than once! They come in various sizes, power and input levels and capacities but whatever options you choose, one of these is the ultimate gift for your travel-loving friend!

7. Travel pillow

Having a nice travel pillow is life-changing for a girl who loves to nap while traveling. Everyone has seen the traditional memory foam neck pillow, but you probably haven’t seen these other neat pillows that are supportive and a good alternative if you don’t like the c shaped ones. This one can have your devices integrated with it! Happy napping!

8. Luggage set

Every girl NEEDS a nice luggage set. The key is to find one that is durable and unique so it’s easy to find at baggage claim. Check out our favorite luggage sets that will meet every girl’s needs AND are super cute.

9. Camera

Some girls don’t mind using their phone to take photos, but why would you do that when you could have an amazing camera like these! Check out our favorite cameras including a waterproof one that you can take underwater, one that has INSANE digital zoom (84 times) so you don’t need to bring a bunch of lenses with you, and a lightweight compact camera for your typical sightseeing needs. I actually got the first two of these as gifts from my boyfriend and have gotten SO MUCH use out of them both.

10. Eye mask

If you are planning on sleeping while on the go or turning in early/sleeping in late, you need an eye mask. It will help make it dark enough to fall asleep so the woman in your life can wake up early and explore! We have one traditional eye mask on here, a lavender scented mask, and one that has its own headphones so you can listen to soothing music while you sleep.

11. Packing Checklist

Is the girl in your life always wondering what she should be packing on her next vacation? We have her covered! Check out these awesome premade packing lists that have all of the essentials listed so packing is super easy!

12. Electronic Cord Organizer

Who wants to open their backpack or suitcase to a tangled mess of cords? Not me! Check out these awesome electronic chord organizers to keep all of your cords neatly organized in one place. This is every organized traveler’s dream gift!

Looking for some plastic-free gifts ideas for the sustainable traveler in your life? Check out our list of plastic free products here.

13. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are MY best friend when traveling. I love how easy they are to separate your clothes into categories like shirts, pants, dresses, underwear, etc. so I always know where to find what I’m looking for. They also help me fit WAY more clothes into my bag, which is amazing for any girl who loves to overpack. We love both these practical, lightweight ones and this set of pretty cubes.

14. Makeup Bag

Having a separate makeup bag is super helpful when you’re traveling so you only have to take that with you to the bathroom instead of your whole backpack. It also keeps all of your makeup in one spot so you aren’t digging through your bag for that one eyeliner that you KNEW you brought. From compact ones to hold the basics to larger bags with a mirror, and matching sets, there’s something for everyone.

15. Hanging Toiletry Bag

AH! These are my favorite invention EVERRRR. I can bring everything I need for showering, brushing my teeth, washing my face, etc. into the bathroom and hang it up. This is definitely something everyone needs on their packing list.

16. Anti-theft Purse

When you hear of anti-theft purses, you automatically think something heavy duty but not necessarily cute. WRONG-O! Get your girl one of these totally adorable, totally safe purses so she never has to worry about Swiper Swiping.

17. Travel Inspiration books

No list of the best gifts for travelers would be complete with some wanderlust-inducing books! These travel inspiration books make our hearts sing! If your friend has an adventurous soul our favorite books, from planning an epic US trip, to crossing things off your Bucket List around the world, these books will make her want to hop on a plane ASAP

18. Headphones

Headphones are a lifesaver for so many reasons! They can help block out noise, destress after a long day of traveling, and fall asleep to relaxing sound. Check out our favorites below!

19. Ebook reader/kindle

If your friend wouldn’t want to lug around all of your books on your vacation, you need to grab an ebook reader or Kindle! It allows them to read as many books as their little heart desires. There are so many to choose from, ones that are perfect for just reading and not getting distracted by other apps or devices that combine reading with all the other things you love to do online.

Don’t forget to get an Amazon gift card so they can buy some books too!

20. Journals

Is your friend someone who likes to keep track of what they did on a trip or even just likes to self-reflect at the end of the day? If so, you have to check out these journals that are cute, environmentally friendly, and keep all of her thoughts in one place.

21. Water bottles

We don’t like to travel without a reusable water bottle. It helps us save the world and allows us to take water with us wherever we go. Grab one for your friend so she always has a drink while traveling!

22. Camera Bag

Who says camera bags have to be bulky and black? NOT US! Check out these cute camera bags that double as day bags so your friend can keep her equipment safe while also being practical. We’re OBSESSED with the backpack camera bag on this list!

23. Waterproof Phone cases

If your friend is a klutz like some of us, you’ll want a waterproof phone case. They keep your phone safe if you’re going to be swimming, rafting, etc. AND some of them even float.

24. Tripod

If your friend likes to take pictures when she travels, you need a tripod. It will help you set up your phone or camera somewhere to get that awesome shot when there is no one else around to help you! Check out our favorites down below.

25. Keep track of your belongings

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you lost something when you’re traveling! If your friend tends to misplace things, you have to check out these awesome products that help you keep tabs on your stuff at all times.

There you have it, 25 of the best gifts for travelers! Let us know in the comments what you’re going to be buying for your friends and family (or for yourself!)

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