Twitter chats are so much more than a fast-paced conversation for the female travel blogger- they are a smart investment of time. With a little prep, any travel blogger can take advantage of the many benefits of participating in a twitter chat offers. Not sure what those are? Read on, to prepare yourself for the next travel twitter chat you see!

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6 benefits of participating in a twitter chat

1. Attract and Increase Followers on Twitter

Like most other social media platforms, your presence on Twitter increases as your content lands in front of more users. A Twitter chat naturally attracts dozens of new eyes with each tweet, an entire audience is there listening and waiting for advice. As a travel blogger, one of the benefits of participating in a Twitter chat that you should be taking advantage of is the opportunity to interact with the built-in audience they offer.

benefits of participating in a Twitter chat: more follows

Getting more followers is a great benefit of participating in a Twitter chat

Participating isn’t always enough though, especially if your goal is to attract and increase your Twitter following. Make sure you are familiar with the host and co-host, and prep for the chat by looking through your own content for posts or travel tips that coincide with the theme or topic of the chat. Informed and helpful participants always gain followers, something that naturally happens on the platform overall.

2. Generate new blog post ideas

While you share, make sure you are taking notes about the type of content users are looking for. Travel twitter chats can be a great way to generate blog ideas based on information travelers or bloggers are searching for right now. You might be in a great position to share information on a topic that no one else seems to be able to answer for chat participants. Don’t let a lack of published posts stop you from sharing tips to be helpful during the chat, but make sure you are jotting down ideas so that you can create new blog posts in the future.

3. Establish yourself as an authority on niche travel topics

Most Twitter chats are niche specific, so you can easily find a chat that covers a travel or blogging topic that you are especially passionate and knowledgeable about. Even if you are not hosting or co-hosting the chat yourself, participating in the chat still offers the opportunity to be an active part of the conversation.

Without much effort on your part, you can establish yourself as an authority by simply being present, participating, and offering advice or ideas about topics you already know something about. The presence you create can extend beyond the chat, gaining you new followers, catch the attention of those organizing the chat, as well as attracting travel brands also following the conversation.

4. Attract brands and travel sponsors

Ultimately, as a travel blogger, gaining the attention of brands and possible sponsors is always a good thing. Travel chats naturally have a way of attracting other travel brands and services, and they often engage with participants during and after a chat. Share, chat, and participate and you might just catch the attention of a brand that is looking for someone to sponsor.

5. Drive traffic to your travel blog

Everyone at a travel twitter chat is there to share and learn, so they are ready to hear what tips and ideas for travel you might have. Twitter isn’t the biggest traffic source, nor should you be using it just for that purpose- the platform is incredible for so many other aspects of your blogging life. But, during a travel Twitter chat you have the unique opportunity to share already published content with hundreds of new readers.

benefits of participating in a twitter chat

Increasing traffic to your website is always a great perk!

Be smart about what you share. Only share relevant content- avoid link spamming- and only share when asked. Like Facebook, tweets shared to Twitter are shown on user’s feeds according to the engagement they get, so chat tweets with great info stand a better chance of a longer life overall on Twitter.

6. Meet and Network with Other Travel Bloggers

Travel Twitter chats bring together travel bloggers, giving you the chance to easily network with dozens of influential and knowledgeable bloggers. Female Travel Bloggers was started to create a supportive and fun community, and that environment has extended to our Twitter chats. Our travel bloggers often collaborate on posts, meetup, and even travel together after meeting online in our group and via social media.

Female Travel Bloggers hosts travel chats monthly (#FTBTravelChat), rotating new topics into our schedule, and these are a great way to introduce yourself to our already established community of travelers and bloggers. Twitter, and chats especially are meant to be social so above all just dive into the conversation happening around you and you’ll soon see the benefits of taking part in a chat.

Sophie Sanchez

Sophie Sanchez


Sophie is a biologist and science writer who blogs about commercial spaceflight, space tourism, and space destinations.

She travels the USA and the world to bring space to her readers as editor of Cosmic Chicago with ChicagoNow – a blog network with the Chicago Tribune Media Group. Currently, she is working on a book and off chasing rockets!

Connect with Sophie on her site Cosmic Chicago and follow her on TwitterPinterest and Instagram, here.

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There are so many benefits of participating in a Twitter chat for travel bloggers. We will share 6 reasons why you should do a Twitter chat and how Twitter chats can help your blog. Come check out these perks of doing a Twitter chat and save it to your blogging board so you can find it later. #twitterchat #twitter #femaletravelbloggers


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