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The FTB Community is run by a team of women from all around the world. We want you to get to know us better so have posed some probing questions to each of the team! In this post we get to know Sophie Clapton from Travels of Sophie. What inspired you to start...

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      Get To Know Kelly From Girl With A Passport

      The FTB Community is run by a team of women from all around the world. We want you to get to know us better so have posed some probing questions to each of the team! In this post we get to know Kelly Ann Duhigg from Girl With A Passport. What inspired you to start...

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      Get To Know Sophie From Travels Of Sophie

      The FTB Community is run by a team of women from all around the world. We want you to get to know us better so have posed some probing questions to each of the team! In this post we get to know Sophie Clapton from Travels of Sophie. What inspired you to start...

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Who wants to sit out in the cold waiting in line for the best in-store deals? I’m having flashbacks to growing up in Alaska, when it would often be 10F in November. We would take turns going to Starbucks for mochas to keep us energized and warm while waiting. Anyway, who wants to do that when you can sit in your pajamas, drinking wine at 4am, and shopping online for all the best deals? As travel bloggers, we are going to be looking for killer hosting and theme deals, tools, and gear to help us grow our blog and optimize our travels. So, we’re here to give you the low down on our biggest finds to save you a ton of money. The four admins here at FTB will wait around all year for some of these deals to come through and you do not want to miss them!

This post contains affiliate links. FTB may receive monetary compensation at no additional cost to you. When you do your shopping on Black Friday please remember to use our affiliate links to support the maintenance of FTB. 

** Please note that some of the 2018 deals are not yet announced and we gathered information based on 2017. Please bookmark this page, as we will be updating it with more information as it becomes known to us. 


Black Friday Blog Hosting Deals

This can be one of the more expensive things you pay for as a blogger, but not if you strategize properly. Host hopping can be exhausting and may actually cost you more money in the long run. The key is to grab the RIGHT hosting plan for you during Black Friday or Cyber Monday and invest in a long-term plan so those savings extend over the next few years. If you’re looking to self-host, or you’re unhappy with your current host, check out these awesome Black Friday deals for travel bloggers.

SiteGround Black Friday Deal


SiteGround is arguably the best hosting for the middle range travel blogger who is serious about blogging and site speed, but is still growing their blog. I recommend this hosting option for people who enjoy sitting back and letting tech support help them in a time of need. SiteGround is the most popular hosting plan among FTB members for their easy to use user interface, friendly customer service, and great pricing plans for all levels of bloggers. They have minimal downtime, so your blogging is never interrupted. Read more about why FTB thinks SiteGround is the best hosting option. 

We always recommend choosing the plan that allows for growth on your blog and will last you a few years if you’re serious about choosing them as your host. Their GrowBig plan is the most popular new plan. Most hosting options don’t extend their Black Friday sale to current members, so that is why I suggest investing long term.

UPDATE: SiteGround just announced their 2018 deal. They will be offering 75% off all hosting plans. They have also introduced a new WordPress start to make it easier to build and start a WordPress site.

Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2018 What You Get
  • 75% off all hosting plans
  • Applied on purchase
  • START: Friday, November 23, 2018, 00:00 CST
  • END: Monday, November 26, 2018, 23:59 CST
  • The fastest rated hosting
  • Free SSL
  • Great customer service
  • CloudFlare
  • Optimizing plugins
  • One-click WordPress install
  • Caching
  • Free backups
  • Three choices of hosting discount plans
  • Free migration

BlueHost Black Friday Deal


BlueHost is one of the most popular hosting platforms in the world. They are a solid and reliable platform that is great for bloggers who want one of the best names in the business backing them. While their customer support is super helpful, I personally think BlueHost is ideal for a blogger that is a bit more technically savvy, as they have a lot of great DIY tutorials. I think the best part about BlueHost is all the amazing add-ons you get. I mean, just check them out! BlueHost is one of the more expensive hosting plans, so taking advantage of their best sale of the year, it a great way to get up to five years of hosting. They’ve also been known to refund any remaining time on your package if you decide you want to make a change.

BlueHost offers 50% domains again this year so this is great for the first time travel blogger, who doesn’t have a domain or someone who is interested in buying up another domain for a project. We just got an email from BlueHost saying they promise this is going to be their BEST sale of the year!

Black Friday Deal 2018 What You Get
  • $2.65/month for the basic plan
  • $4.45/month for the plus and prime plans
  • 50% off domains
  • 60% off second account
  • 40% off New Cloud Account
  • Sale from Nov 24th 12am MST – Nov 27th 11:59 MST
  • Auto-applied for purchase
  • $29 MOJO Bundle worth over $500
  • Free one-click WordPress installer
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • You can host up to 100 WordPress blogs from the same hosting account
  • $100 free Google Adwords credit
  • cPanel and simple scripts
  • 9% uptime guarantee and WordPress average loading time of fewer than 2 seconds
  • Automatic backup of your WordPress files and databases

Black Friday Deals on Blog Themes

Bringing in the new year with a new theme is one of the best advantages you can give your blog for 2019. A new theme helps you take your blogging goals more seriously and put your best foot forward. Purchasing the right theme also allows you to boost your SEO and your site speed. Invest in yourself with these Black Friday deals on themes. Once you’ve purchased your theme, check out the Black Friday deals on blogging services for help implementing your theme. 

Divi Black Friday Deal

Website development, Divi

Elegant Themes’ Divi theme is hands down our favorite theme here at FTB. We have several admins who use it and yours truly is created with it. This responsive all-in-one builder allows for bloggers of all skill levels create a professional and unique travel blog that will set you aside from all the rest. It is a lifetime purchase and comes with updates. Elegant Themes have amazing support and there are several Facebook groups full of Divi lovers who are willing to help you out. In addition, they have a great affiliate program, so if you love your theme, you can make some money off it too.

Elegant Themes promised to have their BEST deal ever this year, better than 2017. They also have thousands of giveaways, which are handed out as a first come first serve to anyone who purchases a license. While you wait for Black Friday to kick off, sign up to win a free desktop computer for your home office. Their Black Friday sale is great because an Elegant Themes license has so many components, like Divi, Extra, and various plugins.

Update: Elegant Themes announced their 2018 deal on Tuesday, Nov 20th

Black Friday and Cyber Monday What You Get
  • Elegant Themes – 25% off all licenses
  • Access to 87 amazing themes
  • Drag and drop builder options
  • 3 awesome plugins, including Divi, the ultimate WordPress Theme and Visual Page builder
  • Bloom email opt-in and lead generation
  • Monarch social sharing
  • Simple pricing – one-lifetime membership at a low price
  • Lifetime maintenance and support

Divi Lover Child Themes Black Friday Deal

Divi Lover, website development

One of the things that makes Elegant Themes’ Divi theme so awesome is the fact it is fully customizable. In fact, the upcoming update (due to go live prior to Black Friday) will turn Divi from a page builder to a theme builder with every element of your website being accessible by Divi customiser. However as great as this can be, it can also be daunting when you first get started.

Rather than starting with a blank slate, Divi child themes enable you to protect your site from losing edits when the theme is updated and enable you to start with a layout that can just be tweaked to match your brand and style. There are literally thousands of child themes to choose from but here at FTB we love the ones created by Divi Lover.

21st – 26th November What You Get
  • 50% off all themes and plugins from 21st – 26th November
  • Beautiful Divi child themes
  • Icons and tools to use with the Divi theme

Genesis Framework Black Friday Deal

Genesis framework themes are the best themes for site speed and SEO. Recommended by former Google employee, Matt Cutts, and Yoast SEO you can’t go wrong with these fast, clean, and reliable themes. These are perfect for anyone who wants to leave some of the hard work to the experts while you focus on getting your message out there and blogging! They are backed by Genesis and always updated.

The only downside is often these themes don’t allow for a lot of customization, and if you’re ready for a lot of customization and hands-on work to make your site reflect a bigger vision then we would recommend something like Divi instead. 

They’re celebrating Gutenburg and Black Friday with a November sale that lasts until the end of the month. 

2018 November Sale What You Get
  • 20% off new themes for new customers
  • $100 off pro themes
  • Valid until November 31, 2018
  • Built-in SEO features that replace tools like Yoast
  • HTML5 and Schema Support
  • Child theme support
  • Free complimentary plugins

Black Friday Deals on Blogging Tools

Blogging tools and resources are those little things that are often cheap, but we put off buying them for some reason. I think it is scary to invest in your blog. These blogging tools will improve the performance of your blog and make your life exponentially easier to help you manage your time and invest it where it matters. 

WP Rocket Black Friday Deal

WP Rocket Black Friday Sale

WP Rocket is the single best site speed tool out there, and believe me, I’ve looked. Read about how this tool brought my site loading time under 3 seconds and a Google Page Speed Score in the high 80s. It replaces and outperforms plugins like Hummingbird, W3 Total Cache, and Autoptimize. It is easy to use, works to optimize Google Analytics, and runs with CloudFlare. If you are struggling with site speed this is the easiest and least invasive option.

WP Rocket only has three deals a year, one at Halloween, one for Black Friday and one in July for their birthday. You can also get a snazzy 10% discount code if you sign up for their newsletter, but their Black Friday deal is supposed to be one of the biggest and best of the year. This year, 2018 they are starting early on Monday the 20th and will have discounts all week and into the weekend. Keep an eye on them as their deals may change through the week.

Black Friday Deal 2018 What You Get
  • 35% off WP Rocket
  • Nov 20th – Black Friday 
  • Lifetime access to WP Rocket
  • One year of updates and support
  • 50% off renewals
  • Easy to use features
  • Lighting fast website

KeySearch Black Friday Deal

KeySearch is one of the best and easiest to use keyword tools out there. Which means that you, yes you, can use this to step up your game. If you’re serious about SEO this is the tool to help take you to the next level. Look up keywords or phrases, find what the competition is, and how easy it is for you to rank. Creep on sites that are also ranking for that keyword and see how you can make your post better. You also have a list of alternative and secondary keywords or phrases you should consider using. 

Update: Keysearch has just announced their Black Friday deal.

Black Friday Weekend 2018 What You Get
  • 40% off KeySearch
  • Nov 19 –  Nov 26
  • In-Depth keyword research
  • Keyword difficulty checker
  • SEO competition analysis
  • Rank tracking
  • brainstorm niche ideas
  • YouTube competition research
  • Backlink checker
  • Webpage audit analyzer
  • Link analysis
  • API & white-label reporting

Social Warfare Black Friday Deal

Social Warfare is my favorite sharing plugin. This is a lightweight plugin optimized for speed. It comes with tons of customization options and every blogger’s favorite feature of recovering any lost social share counts. There are customizable pin options, click to tweet options and a customization feature for social images and meta description. I rarely see this plugin go on sale, so Black Friday is THE time to grab this deal.  

Cyber Monday 2018 What You Get
  • 50% off Social Warfare Pro
  • Use Code CYMON2018
  • Valid Cyber Monday 12am EST- 11:59 EST
  • Lightweight plugin
  • Recovery of social count
  • 1 Year of Pro access
  • Tons of share options like Reddit and Flipboard
  • Powerful pin customization
  • Click to tweet feature
  • Control over social media image, title, and description
  • @ tweet with your handle
  • Easy to customize the Tweet

Grammarly Paid Black Friday Promotion

Grammarly Black Friday

Grammarly is one of the best tools a blogger can use. It allows you to professionally edit your own content, learn your most common mistakes, and feel confident sending out those pitches. 

Expected Black Friday Deal based on 2017 numbers What You Get
  • 60% off paid version
  • Black Friday – Cyber Monday
  • Applicable to almost every type of grammatical mistakes

  • Works over all major and minor editors (online and offline)

  • Content-based spelling correction

  • Enhanced vocabulary

  • Generation specific writing styles checking

  • Online Plagiarism Checker

  • Online document backup. Access documents everywhere.



ConvertKit is the best email marketing tool. If building your email list and expanding into email marketing is on your 2019 resolutions or blog goals then this is the tool for you. It isn’t a cheap option, that is why grabbing it during the Black Friday sale is so essential, but it is worth it for its advanced features. 

They offer a free trial, so sign up for it NOW to see how you feel about it.

Expected Black Friday Deal based on 2017 numbers What You Get
  • 3 Months free
  • A streamlined funnel of your free opt-ins and paid offers to naturally convert sales
  • The ability to create a strategic plan for marketing
  • Knowledge of how ConvertKit work, so you feel supported and not frustrated
  • The flexibility to do marketing strategies that work for you
  • Understand your audience through tags and segments
  • Automated emails that feel personal


I’ll hand this one over to the experts, with a whole website dedicated to VPN deals on Black Friday. I use Private Internet Access and we’ve heard great things about Nord VPN.

Black Friday Deals on Blogging Courses

Possibly the most money you can spend during the year, courses are often expensive, but they are the best way to get insider information to improve your travel blog. Blogging courses help you step up your game, learn from other’s mistakes and learn the best ways to get things done. Don’t miss these killer deals on some of the best blogging courses in the industry. 

The Brand Tour Expedition – Branding Course

The Brand Tour Expedition

Gretchen at Eight Corners offers professional branding, rebranding, logo design, and marketing packages that fit your blog and let your personality shine. FTB recently used Gretchen for our rebranding process and we could not be happier. We left with a logo that truly fits FTB, branded colors, pin templates, graphic templates, and the entire experience was enjoyable. Gretchen listened to us every step of the way and was responsive to our needs.

We can highly recommend Gretchen for a full rebranding experience, but she’s launching a new venture called the Brand Tour Expedition on December 8th and from now until then you can snag a Black Friday pre-launch deal. 

Black Friday Deal 2018

What You Get
  • Receive a pre-sale price for $98 from Black Friday, Nov 23 – Cyber Monday, Nov 26. 4 days only. 
  • From Tuesday the 27th until the launch you’ll get a reduced price of $198
  • The Brand Expedition launches on December 8th, when the price goes up to $597
  • 5 Fun, Action-Packed Modules: Discover the 5-Step branding framework that shows you how to create a clear brand strategy, articulate your brand statement, and navigate brand refreshes as your brand grows.
  • Playbooks, masterclasses & templates: to create your mood boards, brand style guidelines, and other marketing assets…without using costly & complicated design software.
  • Access to a private online community: Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who are also building and growing their brands and get feedback on your work.
  • Bonus: Creative Confessions: A professional brand designer’s insider secrets on what it really takes to create branding that WOWs your ideal customers so they’ll want to be a part of it.
  • Bonus Live Q&A Calls: Get guidance, ideas, and feedback from a pro designer so you get complete confidence when you DIY or outsource.

Bloggers, Brands, and Tourism Boards: A Guide to Successful Partnerships / Affiliate Marketing

Dangerous Business

A Dangerous Business, run by FTB member Amanda Williams, is offering two courses to jump-start your professional blogging career. The two courses offered this Black Friday are going to help you successfully pitch and become a blogger that brands want to work with and how to use affiliate marketing to drive traffic to your blog.

Use the code ADBBLACKFRIDAY to get 25% off courses for the month of November

Black Friday Deal 2018 What You Get
  • 25% off courses
  • All of November
  • The option of 2 courses to help you secure partnerships and up your affiliate game.
  • Partnership Course: Pitch successful partnerships, secure sponsorships, execute campaigns, put together a media kit, identify brands to work with, and craft the perfect pitch to become a blogger that brands want to work with.
  • Affiliate Course: Introduction to affiliate marketing for travel bloggers. Build a strategy, comply with regulations, grow your affiliate marketing and turn that into a stream of passive income.

A money-making master course, Paid to Create, for Influencers where you learn how to craft a perfect pitch and get paid to collaborate with brands on Instagram! The author recently spoke at international Influencer conference Trablin in Morocco on the same subject and it has met with a lot of interest. There is a black Friday deal on the pre-sale of the course which goes live December 12

Black Friday Deal 2018 What You Get
  • 40% off pre-sale price
  • Pre-sale on NOW until November 30th
  • 5 Essential modules that guide you step by step
  • Get bonus skype sessions, templates for pitches and media kits and much more
  • Discover ALL money-makingking strategies that will dramatically grow your income!

The Blogging Fast Lane Course

Adventure in You Blogging Fast Lane Course

Adventure in You, co-owned by FTB member Anna Faustino, is offering a killer deal on their Blogging Fast Lane Course. Adventure in You receives 500,000 page views per month and consistently makes six-figures a year from their blogging income. In this course, they share their secrets and the exact framework they use to generate a full-time income.

This sale lasts the long weekend from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Do not miss this deal!

Black Friday Deal 2018 What You Get
  • $100 coupon off The Blogging Fast Lane, valued at $498 
  • Use code FTBFriday
  • 96-hour sale starting Nov 22, 11:59 PM EST that closes Nov 26 11:59 PM EST
  • Exact framework Adventure in You uses to make six figures, monthly
  • 4 modules, called the F.A.S.T Framework
  • Get foundations of building a successful blog
  • Learn how to amplify your message and drive traffic
  • Develope monetizing strategies
  • Place systems and automations to help you save time 
  • Detailed roadmap giving you monthly plans to focus and avoid the guesswork that comes with building profits

Jessie on a Journey Blog School 

Jessie on a Journey Travel Course Logo

Jessie, the FTB member behind Jessie on a Journey, runs an online school for travel bloggers that includes a membership community, two core courses, and two step-by-step masterclasses. Jessie is a travel blogger who believes that there is room for everyone at the top and that you and reach the top if you’re willing to learn from her tried and true methods and change your strategy.

The Black Friday deal is valid for November 14th and 26th.

Black Friday Deal 2018 What You Get
  • Discounts on November 14th and 26th 
  • Travel Blog Prosperity: $8.33 for your first month, usually $49/month. Following months are $49, though you can cancel anytime
  • How to Land Paid Press Trips: $25.33, usually $149
  • How to Grow Your Blogging Income Through Facebook Ads: Deal: $25.33 usually $149.
  • How To Work With Brands & Make Money: $42.33, usually $249.
  • November 14th: Use code CRUSHIN2019 for all discounts 
  • November 26th: Use code ROCKIN2019 for all discounts
  • Travel Blog ProsperityHave a coach hold your hand every step of the way with an exclusive membership not usually open to the public.
  • Discounted courses to help you create profits and work with brands
  • Choice of 2 step-by-step masterclasses, one on landing press trips and another on setting up profitable Facebook Ads.
  • Experienced knowledge by an established professional travel blogger, Jessie. 

90 Days to Traveling the World for Free as a Travel Blogger

Diana Chen and half the FTB team behind The MVMT blog, has been able to secure $10,000 worth of travel in one-and-a-half years. Her new course, 90 Days to Traveling the World for Free as a Travel Blogger is a step by step guide that includes videos, PDFs, and templates to help you do the same.

The deal starts Black Friday with serious discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and smaller discounts until the end of the year. If you miss the deal, FTB members always receive $50 off.

Black Friday Deal What You Get
  • $100 off on Black Friday, November 23rd. $50 off thereafter until Dec 31st. Use code MVMTBLACKFRIDAY18
  • $100 off on Cyber Monday, November 26th. $50 off thereafter until Dec 31st. Use Code: MVMTCYBERMON18
  • FTB Members: $50 off indefinitely. Use Code FTBMEMBER
  • Effectively secure brand partnerships on your travels
  • Learn to travel the world for free while working with brands that align with your vision and mission as a travel blogger
  • 5 videos, 5 PDFs, pre-written templates, and a workbook to help you fund your travels.

The Influencer Magic Kit & Instagram Magic Course

Lisa Ekhall Stentvedt, and the FTB member behind Fjords and Beaches, has grown her Instagram to 34k in just months. After feeling like most of the information out there about growing your Instagram or how to be an influencer was lacking substantial content, she settled down and cracked the code. She offers actionable and practical advice for growing your Instagram account and gaining real followers along with tips on how to become a successful influencer who is paid for their content. 

Lisa offers two deals that are both on sale for Black Friday weekend. 

Black Friday Deal What You Get
  • 50% off the Influencer Magic Kit normally $19.
  • 50% off the Instagram Magic Course normally $147
  • Black Friday midnight to Cyber Monday midnight (Nov 23-26) 
  • Use code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout 
  • The Instagram Magic Course to grow your Instagram account.
    •  6 video modules that cover the exact strategies
  • The Influencer Magic Kit is a kit for anyone aspiring to start making money on Instagram. 
    • List of influencer platforms to connect with brands who pay, templates, and a pricing guide. 

Udemy Black Friday Sale

Udemy offers thousands of courses for beginners to advanced bloggers offering learning modules you can do at your own pace in areas such as digital marketing, design, blogging, SEO, writing, photograph and much more. The Black Friday sale from 2017 lasted for 12 days, and we expect to see that again for 2018. I bought 15 courses last year for their Black Friday sale and spent the year working my way through at my own pace. I suggest you stock up for the year until Black Friday comes around again.

Expected Black Friday Deal based on 2017 numbers What You Get
  • $10 courses 
  • 95% off courses and products
  • 12-day sale the week leading up to Black Friday until Cyber Monday
  • Over 85,000 courses available online
  • 1000s of topics
  • International reach with students in 190 countries.
  • 25,000 experts and instructors who are available to answer your questions.
  • Lifetime access to the courses you enroll in
  • No recurring fees 
  • Q&A sections within the course
  • Easy refund policy if you aren’t happy
  • Mobile and desktop options

Slaying Social Courses

Slaying Social is a travel blogging resource site run by two full-time travel bloggers, Christina Guan from Happy to Wander and Lia Garcia from Practical Wanderlust. They’re 6-figure earning 6-digit monthly traffic receiving pug-obsessed travel bloggers who are passionate about sharing what we’ve learned in this crazy industry. They create no BS guides that focus on helping you grow your platform to bring you closer towards your goals which challenging the social norm This is all done with a witty and fun delivery that keeps you entertained.

Black Friday 2018 Deal What You Get
  • 20% off all courses Black Friday-Cyber Monday
  • Choose between a free Slaying Social Strategy Course or a Blogger Toolkit
  • Use Code BFTOOLKIT20 for the free kit
  • Use Code BFSTRATEGY20 for a free strategy guide
  • No BS guides to help you grow your strategy
  • Advice and tips on how to use your platform for good
  • Free toolkit
  • Access to templates and resources

Black Friday Deals on Blogging Services

Having Trouble implementing that new theme you just bought? Or perhaps you’re ready to take your brand seriously with a new logo and branding package? Handing over these technical tasks to experts is one of the smartest things you can do for your blog. The end result with be a service handled by the professionals so you can continue working on your blog without missing a beat.

Web Development


Lottie Reeves and FTB Admin behind Lottie Reeves offers a wide variety of web development services. If you feel like your blog is basic, boring, or you’re embarrassed to show it off, Lottie can help you save hours of precious time and turn your blog into something you are truly proud of. She’s helped a lot of FTB members and is excited to help you take the next step. 

Black Friday Deal 2018 What You Get
  • FTB members receive 20% off a standard redesign package
  • Must be booked and confirmed with the initial payment being made before the end of November 2018
  • Email Lottie directly to tell her you are an FTB member to receive this discount
  • Relax and have all the technical aspects taken care of, so your blog does what you want it to
  • A blog that matches your vision in your head
  • A final product that is easy to use and you are proud to show off
  • Redesign to implement new themes and refresh your look
  • Web optimization to get the best user experience

Improve Content Marketing Skills – Consultation

Charlotte Karp, an FTB member, offers in-depth consultations to help you take your blog to the next level and give you the leverage to do things on your own. If you’re not sure why you have a high bounce rate, or why readers are spending less time looking at your articles then this 5-week consultation package might be right for you. 

Cyber Monday Deal 2018

What You Get
  •  Cyber Monday discount price of $850 
  • Lasts for one week, starting on Cyber Monday
  • Normally priced at $1,400 (discount of $550)
  • One hour consultation per week
  • Five edited publication-ready articles – a join effort
  • In-depth content marketing feedback on pre-written content pieces of your choice
  • Skills to generate, proofread, and edit your own work – without assistance OR content marketing framework that can be applied to all your work. This is based on your experience
  • Constant email communication for questions
  • Customized sessions, altered to suit your needs

Discounted Trips for Black Friday

Need a little vacation or recharge session from all the hard work you’re going to be putting into your blog in 2019? Then check out some of these trips with Black Friday discounts. 

MissAdventure Girls Trip & Festival 

 MissAdventure Festival

The MissAdventure, owned by FTB member Paola, has a great trip line up for 2019, including the first-ever MissAdventure Festival in Croatia. Join like-minded women on well-crafted itineraries in some of your favorite destinations, like Croatia, Morocco, and Dubai. Learn about local cultures, eat great food, and most of all enjoy the trip of a lifetime. The MissAventure festival focuses on networking, business traits, and photography – perfect for the digital nomad or travel blogger so you can mix pleasure with work. 

Black Friday Deal 2018

What You Get
  • Get free membership when you book the festival or trip
  • Membership worth 100 Euro
  • Simply book a trip and get the membership free 
  • From now for a limited time
  • Free membership with access to exclusive offers and networking
  • Trips that balance work with play to help you develop skills
  • Lifetime friends
  • Unforgettable memories in top destinations

Guided Photograph Tours

Join Nicola Lederer, FTB member, on a guided photography tour of Ecuador and/or Galapagos Island. Stop being jealous of all the amazing photos on Instagram and improve your blog with your own amazing photographs. Learn to control your camera instead of having your camera control you. Photography tours are a great way to get practical advice, see the world, and make new friends. 

Black Friday Deal 2018

What You Get
  • Friday, Nov 23rd receive 15% off 3 tours
  • Tours include: 17-day roundtrip Ecuador/Galapagos, 11 days Ecuador or 5 days Galapagos
  • Use code FTB15%phototour
  • Guided photography tour
  • Learn to use light and composition to create stunning photos
  • Take your skills to the next level with hands-on advice
  • Small group size
  • Find the best spots for photography

Travel Gear, Products & Gifts

These are the perfect addition to any shopping list for the traveler in your life, AKA you. You can steal some deals and get your holiday shopping done early!

Gatta Bags: Stylish Camera Bags

Gatta Camera bags

Diana Fung, FTB member, legit makes the most stylish camera bags, Gatta Bags. These are a hit with Female Travel Bloggers members who rave about them all them all the time in our group. Gatta Bags are chic, practical and best of all they don’t look like camera bags. They are perfect for traveling and make an excellent Christmas gift to your favorite traveler or again, yourself. 

Black Friday Week Deal 2018

What You Get
  • $40 off Gatta bags the week leading up to Black Friday
  • November 19th – 23rd
  • Use code 40Off
  • A stylish and trusty camera bag
  • Doesn’t look like a camera bag
  • Jealousy by everyone who wishes they had this bag
  • Practical storage for DSLR and other types of cameras

Book: “Solo Trip: Me, Myself and the World”

Solo Trip, a book written by FTB member Annika Ziehen a solo traveler, is for solo travelers and all those who want to become one. Solo Trip shares stories from almost 20 years of traveling the world, practical tips, and advice for those who are looking for inspiration to venture out on their own. This book will make a great Christmas gift for that solo traveler in your life, or someone looking to take the leap. It will also make a great gift to yourself. Treat yourself! 

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Deal 2018

What You Get
  • 30% off Ebook when purchased directly through Annika’s website
  • Valid from Nov 23rd – 26th
  • Use code blackelephant
  • A book was written by a solo traveler of 20 years
  • Practical tips and advice for those looking to solo travel

Travel Themed Clothing

Lindsey Davies, FTB member, has a line of travel-themed clothing to help you look stylish on the road. Have a blast selecting custom colors, logos, and styles with a wide selection. You can even get your favorite print on a bag or a coffee mug, making these a great holiday gift. 

Black Friday-Cyber Monday Deal 2018

What You Get
  • 15% off products
  • November 23rd – 26th
  • Free Shipping Cyber Monday
  • Wide selection of logos, styles, and colors for that unique look
  • Shirts, mugs, bags, hoodies, and more
  • Items for babies, men, women, and kids

Book: In Search of the Best Swedish Chokladbollar

 Let Alaine, FTB member and author of In Search of the Best Swedish Chokladbollar:  A Southeast Asian falls in Love with Fika, introduce you to her favorite snack through a collection of 30 alternately naughty, healthy and exotic – but always delicious – recipes. Alaine is a global soul and chokladbollar is a constant in her nomadic lifestyle. A recent convert to the Swedish art of fika, Alaine is keen to share the virtues of taking time out of our busy schedules to sit down with friends or on your own with a steaming cup of hot coffee and a chokladboll.

Small Business Saturday 2018

What You Get
  • Get a signed copy and a free gift
  • Purchase direct from Alaine’s shop
  • Use code FTB2018
  • Valid for purchases from Nov18th – 27th
  • 30 Chokladbollar recipes
  • Insights into Alaine’s journey as a 3rd culture kid led her to fall in love with the Swedish art of fika
  • A reminder to slow down and enjoy life

Amazon Black Friday Sale

This wouldn’t be a Black Friday sale without good ole’ Amazon. They have the best sale, and this year it is supposed to last about 12 days starting the week of Thanksgiving. I suggest saving your money until actual Black Friday when I suspect the deals will be the hottest. We can expect to see deals on luggage, camera equipment and gear, and the latest tech

Read our best 25 gifts for travelers, for the hottest gifts in travel! And don’t miss this guide for all the mom’s who travel.  Create those shopping lists and get ready for some serious Amazon savings. 

Tech Deals for Black Friday

Looking for a new laptop, camera or phone, the hottest tech deals will keep you productive all year. 

Microsoft Black Friday Deal 

Microsoft is having a killer Black Friday discount on their Surface Pro tables and deals on laptops for only $220. This is the perfect time to get yourself a lightweight laptop for traveling so you can keep blogging on your trains, planes, and automobiles. This deal starts Nov 22 at 12am!

2018 Black Friday Discount What You Get
  • Start Nov 22nd 12am
  • Up to $330 off Surface Pro bundles
  • $220 Laptops
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns until January
  • Reliable tech products
  • Cheap laptop alternatives to the MacBook
  • Lightweight and practical products for the road

Google Store Black Friday Deal

I could go on an on about how much I LOVE my Pixel 3 for travel. I’ve used a Pixel since they first came out and I will never go back. It’s so easy to use, you get free cloud storage for all the images you take on a pixel and the camera is just out of this world. With built-in video stabilizer and wide-angle portrait mode, this is the perfect phone for bloggers. 

2018 Black Friday Discount What You Get
  • Start Nov 22nd 12am
  • Buy one Pixel get one 50% off
  • $150-200 off Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL
  • Deals on Google homes, headphones, and accessories
  • The best phone camera in the industry
  • Free photo storage for all the photos you take
  • Video stabilizer
  • Wide angle portrait lens

Forever Black Friday: FTB Member Discounts

One of the best parts about being in FTB is receiving member discounts year round. Check out these sweet deals exclusive for FTB members and celebrate Black Friday all year.

The Essential Influencer Handbook

Lauren Monitz, the FTB member behind the Essential Influencer Handbook, is here to teach aspiring influencers how to turn their social presence into business opportunities. Tired of seeing people write bad captions on poorly taken photos, she spent a year figuring out how to hack the Instagram algorithm and doing a deep dive into what brand partners look for. Now with 195k+ targeted followers across three accounts, she’s worked on over 75 campaigns in 20 states, making over $20,000 directly from influencing marketing her first year in the industry. Year two, she’s making more than her full-time salary. 

Have you ever seen a sponsored post on Instagram and thought, “I could do that?” Have you seen someone post on behalf of a brand you love and wondered how they got paid for it?  Have you seen people traveling the world for free and thought, “Wow, they’re so lucky.” Have you seen an account with tens of thousands of followers and wondered how they got so big when your photos are arguably just as good? The Influencer Institute is here to teach you all that and more.

Ongoing FTB Discount What You Get
  • FTB Members get 25% savings: $134.95
  • Regular price $179.95
  • Two-part guide 
  • Transform yourself into a travel influencer and turn your social influence into business opportunities
  • Part One: Brand Yourself. Define your niche and persona, optimize your profile for discovery, drive engagement, create strategies and learn how to set goals
  • Part Two: Monetization. Pricing guidelines, strategies to find opportunities, get proven sales techniques, tips for managing your business, and learn how to negotiate, trade and upsell.

Advanced Hosting: Performance Foundry 

Performance Foundry

Have you grown out of your old hosting? Is your traffic consistently reaching 100k views a day? Are you ready to seriously monetize with the backing for a boutique hosting plan that supports large blogs and treats you like a real person, rather than just another customer? Then we suggest Performance Foundry, which provides hosting to big names like Hippy in Heels and other successful bloggers. FTB members get a discount and we know the faces behind Performance Foundry personally, and can promise they will take care of our members. 

Ongoing FTB Discount What You Get
  • 10% off hosting plans
  • Follow the link for a special FTB landing page
  • Flawless migration
  • Hosting optimized for speed
  • Daily backups and updates
  • Security
  • Help answering all your WP questions
  • One hour of developer time per month to fix things
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Susanna Kelly

Susanna Kelly

FTB Member

Susanna Kelly is an adrenaline junkie from Alaska, on a quest to explore the great outdoors.

However, she openly admits to being a total geek at heart. Her blog, the Wandering Chocobo, focuses on adventure travel and eco-tourism, while hitting pause for what she’s defining as hipster city travel. Her hipster city guides explore craft cocktail bars, boutique hotels, markets, local businesses, and geek hideouts.

When she’s not creating content for her travel blog or freelance ventures, she likes to work on her fiction novel, LARPing and gaming, volunteering and getting to level 99 in life. She currently lives in Munich, Germany.

Connect with Susanna at her site Wandering Chocobo.