Holetown Barbados, as the island’s first and oldest city, was the site of the first English settlement in Barbados. There is a monument here that was erected to commemorate this first landing dated 1605. Holetown is also home to the oldest church on the island, built in 1628. This historical town is located on the West Coast of Barbados where you can find many pristine beaches and gorgeous views.

View from the Beach House

View from the Beach House

Barbados is a great destination for honeymooners, solo travelers, and families. You can always find something within your budget which makes it a great option for a variety of different travelers.

Holetown’s main attractions

St James Parish Church

This beautiful church is worth exploring, from the lush gardens outside to its stunning interior. The church was first built out of wood but later damaged by a hurricane on August 30th, 1675. The building was replaced by a stone structure in the 1690s. After nearly 200 years the walls needed to be replaced because they began to decay. The building was replaced by a larger structure in 1874 which is the building that you can see today. The organ has some pipes and other structures that are over 100 years old; the original bell in the church was the oldest in Barbados. It was manufactured in the same place that produced the Liberty Bell and Big Ben. It is now a monument and it predates the Liberty Bell by 56 years!

Folkstone Park

Folkstone Marine Park is a park that consists of tennis courts, a playground, a beach and other facilities. The main attraction here is the reef, one of the closest reefs is perfect for snorkeling as it is just off the shoreline. This reef hosts a number of different types of fish, corals and sea anemones. About a half mile from shore there is an artificial reef known as Stavronikita which was a ship that had sunk and now rests on the seafloor at 120 feet deep, a favorite of experienced divers.

Swimming with Sea turtles

This can be done for free if you have your own gear at Paynes Bay and Alleynes Bay. These beaches are also just amazing to spend the day at. There are several other spots to swim with sea turtles here too – a truly magical experience! Be aware not to touch any local wildlife and respect their habitat & personal space.

Alleyenes Bay, Holetown Barbados

Alleyenes Bay’s stunning beaches

Catamaran Cruises

Most of these cruises leave from Bridgetown. A couple of them leave from a few locations on the west coast as well and sail all down the West coast. It is truly an amazing experience and you get to view the coast from totally different angles. All of these cruises include lunch and drinks and many take you snorkeling at a reef on the west coast and then let you swim with the turtles. I would highly recommend taking one of these trips.

Holetown’s Food and Drink Options

The West coast of Barbados has some beautiful locations to enjoy a good meal. Most of these spots have amazing sea views – a perfect spot for dinner!

The Cliff Beach Club

This restaurant is next door to The Cliff and is a jaw-droppingly beautiful spot. It overlooks the ocean and is the perfect spot for lunch or even sunset if you want to take in the views. The food is amazing no matter when you go and the friendly staff makes it even better.


This is another stunning restaurant located on Holetown’s boardwalk. This restaurant is also on the seaside and boasts some gorgeous views of the west coast. The food and service is also amazing and is definitely worth adding to the list for a romantic date night.


One of my all-time favorite meals has got to be at Lemongrass. You will find Lemongrass in Limegrove mall, just north of the Holetown police station. Lemongrass is an Asian restaurant where they serve all different kinds of dishes, from pad thai to fresh steak. I always take friends and visitors here because the atmosphere is so fantastic. My favorite meal is edamame to start followed by phad kee mow or radna with fried noodles, it’s always a tough call. I usually order a small bottle of cava with my meal, it is perfect, for $10 US you can purchase a small bottle which is roughly 2 glasses.

Just Grillin’

The food here is always amazing, trust me. This is a great place to grab some healthy take away, walk across the road and eat on the beach. Everything here is grilled… obviously, but it is all seasoned to perfection. One of my favorite dishes has to be the jerk chicken, if you don’t love spicy foods then order the mahi mahi instead. A meal here will costs you roughly $15US, they also serve alcoholic drinks including the famous Barbados rum punch.

Getting Around Holetown

You can easily walk from Sandy Lane to St James Parish church. If you would rather not walk then you can hop on one of the buses for $1US. There are taxis around as well but they are much pricier. Instead of walking along the road you can walk the length of Holetown along the beach. This is a lot easier when it is low tide.

Places to Stay in Holetown

It is hard to find cheap accommodation within Holetown itself. When looking for a place to stay make sure it says either Holetown or Sunset Crest so you can be as close to the beach as possible.

The best hotels in these areas are:

  • All Seasons Resort
  • Colony Club
  • Sandy Lane

Barbados also has some pretty good Airbnb options in the area, there are many sunset crest villas available, as well as apartments at Golden View. Both of these locations are pretty amazing and central.

Don’t miss out on Holetown’s…


If you don’t get to visit anywhere else then make sure you spend some serious time on some of the amazing beaches along this coast.

Grab lunch with a view at Lone Star

Grab lunch with a view at Lone Star

Alleynes Bay is not just great for swimming with sea turtles, it’s also a great spot to grab lunch at places like Lonestar or Juju’s. This beach is the perfect spot to spend the day. At low tide, you can walk from here all the way down to Sandy Lane beach.


One of the more popular spots to go out is Second Street in Holetown. This street consists of a few bars and restaurants. The night to go out is definitely a Friday night and things normally start across the road at Lime Bar in Limegrove. After a few drinks here you can head down Second Street, stopping off at The Mews and then onto Elbow Room and Red Door Lounge!

Sunset at Paynes Bay

Sunset at Paynes Bay

Local Food

Every so often you will spot some ladies selling street food out of their vans. Their menu usually consists of rice, macaroni pie, and fried fish or baked chicken. Fish and macaroni pie is considered a typical Bajan meal. Just north of Speightstown they also have a fish fry on a Friday night at Moon Town. Freshly caught fish from the day is prepared with the typical Barbadian side dishes.

Barbadian Things to Know

Bajan is a slang term for Barbadian

Liming means to hang out “Let’s go and lime” “Are we liming tonight?”

Cuh dear – multiple meanings, feeling sorry for someone or ‘that’s so cute’.

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