There are many ways to encourage your readers to share your content on Pinterest, but one of our favorite ways to do that is to embed a Pinterest pin in a post. What this means is that when someone clicks on the pin graphic in your post, it takes them directly to the pin on Pinterest instead of to the image on your website. 

Why we like to embed a Pinterest pin in our posts

We like to embed a Pinterest pin for two reasons

1)   It makes it SUPER easy for people to pin your content. Instead of asking them to push buttons and decide which pin graphic to choose, they are directed to one specifically. This helps ensure that they follow through with repinning it since they’re already on Pinterest and can easily save it to their board.

2)   Let’s be honest. Technology can really suck sometimes. We don’t like to rely on plugins to work the way we want them to or work at all for that matter. By making your pin clickable, you bypass the middleman.

How to embed a Pinterest pin in a post

Okay, so now you know WHY we do it, but HOW do you do it?

First, you’re going to upload your pin graphic onto your website so it’s in your media folder. Then go to where you want your pin graphic to be added the picture to the post by clicking insert media. Once it’s in the post, click edit on the graphic and make it around 400 x 600 px.

how to embed a Pinterest pin


In this view, you will also see something that says Link to. It should say media file right now which means it will simply link to that picture on your website. We want to change that to a custom URL.

For a beginner’s guide to setting up your Pinterest profile, check out our eBook here.

Once you choose custom URL, go to Pinterest and find your pin graphic on your blog board. Click on the pin so it enlarges it and copy the URL that shows at the top when you are previewing that pin. Go back to your website and paste the link there.

how to embed a Pinterest pin

 After you have linked the graphic, you’ll want to still make sure it’s still Pinterest ready in case someone uses a plugin to save it. Go to your pin on Pinterest again and copy the pin description. Go to where it says alt text and paste that pin description in there. If you haven’t already, go and read my post on what makes a good pin description to make sure you will show up in Pinterest search engines.

Then when you’re all done with that, hit save and return to editing the blog post. Above the pin graphic, you’ll want to write something that tells people to click on the pin itself since most people don’t know to do that. You can say something like “Click on the pin graphic below to save it to your board on Pinterest” You can personalize it for the post too by specifying what type of board or by adding some more details to it.

how to embed a Pinterest pin

That’s it! We just taught you how to embed a Pinterest pin in a post in a few easy steps. This will help your readers easily save pins while also promoting your content on Pinterest. Check out our fancy embedded pin below and save it to your board on Pinterest so you can find it later!

Click on the pin below to save it to your social media board on Pinterest!

Embedding a pin on your website is much easier than people lead on. We will show you how to embed a pin on your website in only a few short steps. The best part is that you can embed a pin without coding! Seriously, our Pinterest pro who knows nothing about website coding can do this all by herself! High five! Come check out this easy way to pin from your website and save it to your blog board so you can find it later. #Pinterest #Pinteresttips #bloggingtips

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Jess Shetler

Jess Shetler


Jess is a cat loving, mountain climbing, cowgirl boot wearing travel blogger from Texas, USA.. She writes about tips and tricks for budget travel, pet travel, and outdoor adventures. When she’s not doing that, she’s helping others harness the power of Pinterest and filling up her travel inspiration board.

Follow her on her site Thrifty Traveler Tips to learn about her travels; and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest here.


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