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Meet Jess from “Thrifty Traveler Tips.”

What inspired you to start blogging?

My story probably isn’t like most bloggers. Honestly, I was sitting at work one day, googling ways I could make money on the side while going to school full time. I found an article that talked about how someone was making money blogging and how rewarding it had been to have a voice and to share their ideas with others and I decided why not? There are definitely worse things I can spend $100 on, so I started a blog!

Thrifty traveler tips in Bryce Canyon National Park

Views over Bryce Canyon National Park

How did you come to name your blog?

Coming up with my name was actually much easier than I thought it would be! I knew I wanted to write about travel and I wanted to write about saving money and traveling cheaply. I googled synonyms for cheap and saw thrifty so I decided to see if Thrifty Traveler Tips was available and it was!

What makes you unique compared to all other bloggers out there?

That’s a hard question! I would say that I am unique because I travel often with my cats and write posts about that. I also write honest posts about my favorite ways to save money for traveling or while traveling, as unglamorous as they may be, to inspire college students or those on a tight budget to see the world.

What do you love most about being part of the FTB group?

I was one of the original founders of FTB and have been in the group since the first day it opened. I am so happy to have been there for every step of its growth and to see how many people our community has touched so far. I love how supportive the community is and how we all work together to make each other’s dreams come true. FTB has given me so many amazing friends around the world and helped me grow as a blogger in ways I couldn’t even imagine. I love FTB <3

What advice do you have for people wanting to start a blog or those who are struggling to continue with it?

For those who want to start a blog: JUST DO IT! As I said before, there are way worse things you can spend $100 on. Your voice deserves to be heard and your advice can help so many people. Don’t be afraid nor shy to start your blog. We will be here to support you and help you along the way!

For those who are struggling: Go back to the basics. Sit down and think about WHY you started your blog and WHO you wanted to help. Has that person or that reason evolved? If so, that’s okay! Take a minute to regroup mentally and remember that blogging is supposed to be fun. It’s okay to step away from your blog for a month or two to give yourself a break. We’ve all done it!

What are your blogging goals?

I would love to write more regularly and to get some more sponsored stays in the future. Ultimately though, my goal is to inspire those around me to follow their dreams even if they’re on a budget.

What has been your biggest blogging win?

My biggest blogging win was actually a sentimental one. Someone from my high school found one of my road trip posts and it inspired her and her fiance to take a road trip across the country using my money saving road trip tips on my blog. It was such an exciting moment to know that I helped someone, especially someone I knew!

Colorado River, Utah

Colorado River, Utah

Where do you live?

I live in Houston, TX!

What do you do for your career?

I am a Pinterest Strategist and Pinterest Manager at Powerful Pin Strategies. I help bloggers and small businesses gain traffic and clients using Pinterest.

What is your favorite film?

This is a hard one. I don’t watch many movies (unless they’re Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel)! If I had to choose one, I would probably say Bridesmaids.

What song is your life anthem?

All on Me – Devin Dawson

What quote sums up where you are right now?

A woman who walks with purpose doesn’t have to chase people or opportunities. Her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her.”

Dr. Farrah Gray

Do you have an embarrassing travel story?

I try to blend in while I’m traveling, so I don’t have many embarrassing travel stories. The most embarrassing thing so far was probably having food poisoning and showing up to TSA white as a ghost trying not to get sick. I hardly ever travel by myself, but on this particular day, I was. They put me through the TSA precheck line and helped me with all of my bags. I’m a strong independent woman so it was a bit embarrassing how much they were helping me even though I needed it.

What has been your most memorable travel experience so far and what made it so unforgettable?

My most memorable travel experience so far was sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower with a picnic and a bottle of wine with my boyfriend (at the time). We sat there talking about our dreams and watched the Eiffel Tower’s light show. It was such a sweet, romantic memory and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it.

What is your favorite city and country and why?

My favorite city is actually a town. My favorite place in the world is Estes Park, Colorado. It is such a charming mountain town with elk roaming the streets, delicious places to eat, and extraordinary views. This small little mountain town was where my fiance and I took all of our friends and family who came to visit, where we spent weekends exploring and falling in love, and where my fiance asked me to be his wife. If you ever have the chance to visit, I hope you drop everything and say yes!

A favourite place, Estes Park Colorado

A favorite place, Estes Park Colorado

Rocky mountain National Park, CO

Another of my favourite places is Rocky mountain National Park, CO

My favorite country would have to be Spain. It was my first big trip outside of the country. I went with my friends and my high school right after graduation and I fell in love with it. I’ve had a lot of food around the world but NOTHING will ever top the paella, calamari, and sangria I’ve had in Spain. I also love how different it is from the US with everyone walking, the beautiful hand decorated fans and all of the beautiful traditions and history.

Spanish Sangria!

Spanish Sangria!

What one destination did not impress you and why?

Hmmm. This is a hard one. I don’t like talking badly about any place because you can always find positive aspects in every place you visit. I think the place that disappointed me the most was the Petrified Forest. The promotions actually had a forest on them so we thought we would be seeing cool forests that have turned into rock in the middle of the desert. Instead, we saw piles of rocks that looked like wood. We have since nicknamed it the Petrified log pile. We did find some really cool hieroglyphics in the park though so that made it worth the fee to drive through the park.

What has been your favorite meal?

Hands down paella and a pitcher of sangria!

Where are you traveling to next?

My next trip will probably be back home to plan our wedding. Our next actual trip will probably either be to New Orleans, South Padre Island, or our honeymoon if we can’t get away before then.

What/who inspired you to travel?

My dad has been traveling for work for years and would always bring us back something from wherever he went. I wanted to travel like he did, but I was always a very cautious person. Other than the yearly family vacations, I didn’t venture far from home until my big trip after I graduated high school. It wasn’t until I met my fiance that I really started traveling and embracing the luxury of the unknown. Since we started dating we’ve made trips all over the world and the US together.

Since meeting my fiance I have started to explore the world

Since meeting my fiance I have started exploring the world

What’s your travel style and why do you like it? (Budget, Luxury, slow, sustainable, family, solo etc)

Our travel style is definitely budget travel. Traveling can be expensive but we still want to see the world. We were both broke college students when we started traveling seriously so money was scarce. I like it because it allows us to see the world without compromising our savings goals.

Thrifty Travelling in a tent

Thrifty Travelling in a tent

Jess Shetler

Jess Shetler


Jess is a cat loving, mountain climbing, cowgirl boot wearing travel blogger from Texas, USA. She writes about tips and tricks for budget travel, pet travel, and outdoor adventures. When she’s not doing that, she’s helping others harness the power of Pinterest and filling up her travel inspiration board.

Follow her on her site Thrifty Traveler Tips to learn about her travels; and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest here.

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