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Meet Shivani from “The Wandering Core.”

What inspired you to start blogging?

My first solo trip to Paris. Coming from a conservative family, where girls traveling alone is still a foreign thing it was a big deal for me. I was terrified, excited and nervous all at once. After my return, I decided to start blogging as a means to document my travels and took it to the next level after realizing what my true passion is.

Shivani at the Louvre Museum, Paris

Shivani at the Louvre Museum, Paris

How did you come to name your blog?

Honestly, It’s didn’t come easily. A blog which started more as a personal diary eventually found its roots with my immense passion for travel. That’s the reason I have “Core” in my blog name.

What makes you unique compared to all other bloggers out there?

I am not only a traveler & writer but also a reader I write posts to cater more tourists who can travel solo, with families and even for business.

What do you love most about being part of the FTB group?

It’s largest group of “Women” I have met (online) who are not only helping but also encouraging each other at every step. No matter what my doubts have been or my rookie mistakes, literally all have been heard and answered.

What advice do you have for people wanting to start a blog or those who are struggling to continue with it?

I would say set your mind right about why exactly you started blogging in the first place. The reason will always keep you motivated.

Shivani in Budapest

Shivani in Budapest

What are your blogging goals?

I am currently revamping all old posts, and prefer more organic traffic. All of this effort just to focus more on writing with a free mind.

What has been your biggest blogging win?

I revamped an old post about an unforgotten historical place in India and published it on all social media. I got the all-time high traffic from Flipboard and people actually read & shared the post, including some genuine comments. That was my win.

Where do you live?

I live in New Delhi, India

What do you do for your career?

I am a software professional working in Gurgaon, India.

What is your favorite film?

Latest “La La Land” stuck with me. From Bollywood, I like “Zindagi Na mileage Dobara” – Literal meaning – “You will not get another life” it is based on travel & friendship.

What song is your life anthem?

None in particular, but I keep returning to “Sugar” by Maroon every now and then. Also, I enjoy Sufi songs.

What quote sums up where you are right now?

“It’s the little things in life”

Do you have an embarrassing travel story?

Not sure if it’s embarrassing. On my first morning in Paris, searching for breakfast I found a spot in a quaint cafe with a perfect view of Eiffel Tower. Just to add a prelude I went in after the omelet on the menu lured me. Tough food options when one doesn’t eat half-cooked meat, let’s leave it that 😉 The waiter brought the menu and I asked back for an omelet when I couldn’t find in there. He gave me a frowned look, I tried to smile and got nothing back. I finished my meal and left half-heartedly. My unawareness of French language and cuisine landed me in that awkward situation. Now I do my research before going anywhere!

What has been your most memorable travel experience so far and what made it so unforgettable?

I was wandering in Prague souvenirs shops when the owner came up to me asking me what I’m looking for and we got to talk. He asked me where I’m from and he got excited when I said India. He told me he loves India and Indian food while his girlfriend didn’t. That was one of the loveliest experiences I have had during my travels.

Shivani at Prater Park, Vienna, Austria

Shivani in Prater Park, Vienna, Austria

What is your favorite city and country and why?

City: Delhi, India about which I write on my blog a lot. Apart from that, I loved Prague, the colors, the architecture, the people and their culture amazed me.

Shivani at the Taj Mahal, India

Shivani at the Taj Mahal, India

Country: India. I am deeply in love and a keen appreciator of my home country. I feel India is mainly underrated and exaggerated in some areas. It has much more potential than the world realizes.

What one destination did not impress you and why?

Sadly, I would have to choose Mumbai, India. It has nice colonial architecture and amazingly nice people. But, all I could focus on uncleanliness everywhere, no way to walk properly.

What has been your favorite meal?

I am a foodie, with a deep love for spicy food. I tried a sort of fried rice on  Mumbai chawpatty. I call it a variation of Biryani but with a lot OF different flavors. I literally ate the entire platter alone 😀

Where are you traveling to next?

In India, probably Karnataka. Internationally planning to head Singapore next.

What/who inspired you to travel?

I always loved travel, but it was somehow lost. My first solo trip to Paris reignited my love and also my blogging journey.

What’s your travel style and why do you like it? (Budget, Luxury, slow, sustainable, family, solo etc)

I don’t choose a particular style for me because I feel I am a combination of all. I travel budget when traveling solo. When I’m traveling with family or on work, I like the luxury. But all in all, I am a slow traveler, I prefer to feel the place, absorb it all and not just increase my country count.

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Shivani Sharma

Shivani Sharma

FTB Member

Shivani, is a software developer by profession and an avid book lover with a book in hand outside of work. A die-hard foodie, all-time chai fan, and a coffee addict, she prefers vegetarian food over its counterpart. Shivani keeps herself busy by planning expeditions and also enjoy impromptu trips.

Follow her on her site The Wandering Core to learn about her travels. You can connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest here.


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