Finding gifts for men who travel can be hard – they have to be light, functional, fun, interesting – the list goes on! And if you’re someone who spends all their time Christmas shopping finding things you would like, it’s even harder. Unless of course, you’re into giving things that you can benefit from too – I mean, that’s win-win all round right?

1. Noise canceling headphones

Noise canceling headphones are a must for any traveler who spends long periods of time on trains, planes and, automobiles! Perfect for blocking out the surrounding noise they make it much easier to switch off and relax – what more could the traveling man ask for!

Don’t forget a headphone splitter so you get to benefit from the headphones too!

2. Smartwatch

Watches are usually a safe bet when it comes to gifts for men who travel. They are a great addition to any man’s wrist, whether he’s hiking through the great outdoors or treating you on date night. Smartwatches can monitor your heart rate, keep track of your location, play music, record your exercise data and more! With styles, prices, and functions galore you’ll definitely find a smartwatch that makes a perfect gift.

3. Flashlight and flask

Being prepared is a must for any traveler and, no matter where you find yourself, there’s always a need for a flashlight and a flask at some point. So having something that combines them both is a great way to streamline your gadgets!

4. Snapchat sunglasses

For the social media man in your life, these glasses are a must!

5. Travel journal

Travel journals are a great way for you and the traveling man in your life to record your own personal experiences while you’re exploring the world.

6. Anti smell compression socks

We all know that men’s socks smell 🙂 These are definitely high on the list of gifts for men who travel and are perfect for any man who loves hiking, sports or just has that habit of taking his shoes off as soon as he walks in the door!

Copper infused socks are probably the most technical socks you’ll find with reinforced heels and toes, extra cushioning and dynamic arch support, every traveling man is bound to love them!

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7. Pants that turn into shorts

Whether you’re heading off on a long trip or a weekend away, have you noticed that men tend to pack the same small bag?

Items like these lightweight pants are great for being outdoors and changing from pants to shorts and back depending on what you’re doing. And these water resistant ones have even more functionality!

8. Sports Underwear

Ok, so you’ve bought them anti-smell socks but we have it on good authority that this underwear is not only comfortable to travel in but being breathable and quick-drying keeps everything smelling fresh!

9. Toiletry Bag

Does the traveling man in your life keep all his toiletries in a plastic bag? No, just me? Ok. Well, whether you choose a regular toiletry bag or a hanging toiletry bag, it can be filled with all sorts of goodies. Toiletry bags are a classic Christmas gift and when it comes to gifts for men who travel, there’s no exception.

This ‘TSA approved’ toiletry bag is perfect for those of you who only pack carry baggage. Everything inside is approved to meet flight restriction sizes.

10. Manicure & Beard Grooming Kits

If you’re looking for a stocking filler that isn’t going to be eaten or discarded, these kits are great! From basic nail kits to beard grooming kits and ones that include facial grooming tools, you’ll find something that meets your traveling man’s grooming needs!

11. Personalized luggage tag

These luggage tags are great personalized gifts for men who travel while also being handy at the same time! There are endless styles to choose from, modern and crisp or classic brass.

12. Hangover drops

Hangover drops need no introduction 🙂

13. Multi-function Pen

Every traveling man wants to feel like James Bond, what better way to do that than with a pen that has multiple functions!

14. Water Bottle

With many of us moving away from using plastic, a reusable water bottle makes a fab present for home and overseas. Now you just have to choose between good old classic styles or funky fruit infused bottles!

15. Practical Clothing

Whether you’re exploring a new city, tropical climes or hitting the slopes, there’s an item of clothing that makes a perfect gift for men who travel! Some have built-in SPF, others have a heating system and others have vents to keep you cool – the traveling man has plenty of choices!

16. Passport Holder

Have you ever found yourself about to check in for a flight and your Dad/boyfriend/husband/cousin is standing there sifting through all his pockets only to pull out his battered passport at the last minute? Help keep them organized with a passport holder that keeps everything in one place and is easy to find!

Let us know, what’s do you do you get when it comes to gifts for men who travel?

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