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      London’s Best Instagram and Photography Locations

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  • Blogging FAQs

The Golden Rules

Be kind. Be respectful. Have an open mind.

FTB requires kindness and respect to admins, helpers, members, and non-members within the FTB community at all times. We do not tolerate gossip, slander, racism, sexism, or judgement. If you don’t believe in a certain way of doing things, it is not your place to judge. Instead, we encourage you to help educate or provide your side of the story in a constructive way. Our bloggers come from all walks of life around the world and there is no one right way to do something. Breaking this rule can result in immediate removal without warning.

Be Helpful.

FTB is a place of positive encouragement and help. No question is too dumb or too advanced. At the same time, when answering a question you should be prepared to answer it to the best of your ability. We want all our members to have the same information, so saying “read my post on how to get on page one,” or “I’ll DM you my tips,” is not helpful to our group as a whole. You should be willing to offer your time and advice WITHIN our group at all times. If you learned something from a course offer a highlight of what you learned along with the recommendation without links. If someone asks for travel advice, instead of just dropping a link, try to offer a personal sentiment with your link. Read the person’s question and do your best to answer their specific question, so saying something like, ”This isn’t what you asked for, BUT…” is not helpful. Any answers that do not help the original poster or the entire group may be removed without notice.

No Spamming.

FTB is first and foremost a community of growth and education. It is a place to grow and learn in constructive and meaningful ways without spamming the group for personal gain. We have specific threads and days for blog self-promotion. You are not allowed to share from social media at any time in our group outside FTB run threads. You are only allowed to use links when asked for and they must be helpful and relate to the post.

We do not tolerate anyone trying to grow their business using our member community. If you want to offer your services or highlight your talents to our members we ask you to participate in Sell It. That means no “see my post/group for more info” or promoting on the wall.

Weekly Calendar and Threads

We operate on a 4-week calendar based on a color system. So, we have a yellow week, a teal week, a purple week and a pink week that rotate in that order. Each week has their own daily threads that are posted by admins or helpers to engage the group in discussion, support, and promotion.

You can tell what week it is by the color of the graphics. Our Yellow week will have yellow based graphics and so on.

Each week has a different admin and moderator team that are available to help you. You can find out who the admin of the week is in the announcement with the calendar. However, all admins and moderators are available to answer questions if you tag them for help. All admins and moderators should be respected regardless of what week it is and you should adhere to their instructions at all times.

You can find more about what the various threads entail by finding the thread in the group and reading the guidelines posted when the thread is live.

Aside from the weekly threads we offer monthly and evergreen threads. We have monthly collab opportunities found at #FTBCollab, social media groups ground at #FTBSocial and link swapping opportunities found at #FTBLinkSwap. We have evergreen threads for finding social media accounts of like-minded travelers you want to follow at #FTBinsta #FTBfbook #FTBtwitter #FTBpinterest #FTBYT

Our schedule runs off London’s timezone. You can check what time it is for you here or using the clock below.

  • London
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Sydney

Stay Up To Date

If you want to stay up to date on what’s going on in FTB, get monthly blogging and travel tips, and learn more about opportunities with businesses and tourism companies, sign up for our newsletter below.

General Rules


Please do

Speak in English.

All posts in the group must be in English and in a format that is easy for admins and moderators to read, and moderate. Video comments are discouraged as we then have to watch the video to moderate and we may not be in a place to listen to sound.

Discuss Travel & Blogging.

We encourage questions, comments, insight, and dialogue about travel blogging. That means all posts should be related to travel or blogging in some capacity. We sometimes make exceptions for personal open dialogue if you need to get something off your chest, or you need our community to help you through something tough, but regular posts about topics unrelated to travel and blogging are not constructive to the goals for this group and may be removed.

Ask a lot of questions.

All questions are welcome. We encourage questions from all levels of bloggers. That means more experienced bloggers should try and use jargon that everyone would know or explain what they mean in detail, as not everyone is in the same place. New bloggers should never feel intimidated. We have more beginner bloggers in this group than we do advanced, so speak up, ask your question, and start learning.

Answer a lot of questions.

When answering questions use the explain like I am five guideline. We see a lot of vague and unhelpful answers and we encourage you to use simple jargon so try saying FAM = Familiarization Tour, to help people learn and understand your answer. Anwer in a way that relates to the original poster than can help them.

Include a topic before you post.

You should include a topic before you post, it will make your post easier to search and help people who have the same question or are experts in the area to respond to you. For example [SEO, Keywords] Where should I put my keywords to optimize my reach and rank on page one of Google.

Please Don’t

Share from social media.

Whether that’s your own or someone else’s.

Spam or poach our members.

Please do not spam our member list with saying “Hey I saw you in FTB and thought you would like to join my group.” This results in immediate removal with proof. Please do not use our group to conduct market research, grow your business or recruit members. Please do not contact members by PM, unless specifically asked.

Blog wins and Blog Goals.

Should be on the designated threads. You should offer to help people reach their goals and you should offer insight on HOW you got your blog win and be prepared to answer the question.

Use personal affiliate links.

If someone asks for the best camera to use, please offer them personal advice without including an affiliate link. If someone asks for the best host, please do not drop your affiliate link. FTB is not a place for you to monetize your blog or make money off your business. FTB has their own affiliate links that go towards the support of this group.

Ask to exchange contacts.

We discourage members from asking for contacts at a destination.

Link Drop.

This means don’t just drop a link to a news article or a feature piece without providing your insight or a few sentences on the topic. Unless someone specifically asks for blog posts on a topic you should not add a link to the thread. The link you include should be on topic for the one requested.

3 Strike Policy.

In order to weed out those that are here to use our group for personal gain, but allow some flexibility for those still learning the ropes, we operate on a three strike policy.

If you do something from the please don’t section you may receive a strike. On your second strike, you should receive a warning or tag from an admin or moderator that you haven’t been adhering to our guidelines and a gentle reminder to read over our guidelines again. If you continue to disregard our guidelines you will face removal from the group.

More so, certain actions such as blocking or harassing an admin or moderator or using our group to poach our members can result in immediate removal. Other actions such as over the top aggressive behavior or general disregard for our group can also result in immediate removal based on the action.

If you would like to post about a business opportunity, ask about a survey for market research, share a contest, please get permission first by sending us an email.

Advertising Your Business & Marketing

Sell It! Business Service and Product Promotion

We offer promotion through Sell It! Outside of Sell it! You are not allowed to advertise your business in any capacity. You can not offer to DM people links to your courses or tag friends who run businesses. We need promotion to be in a clearly defined and easy space to access for all members without digging through posts on the wall.

If you are looking to hire our talented FTB members, please search the Sell It album for services you might find useful.

If you do not see what you are looking for comment on the album with your job request and someone who offers those services may respond or someone may have a recommendation. If you are someone who responds to these comments on the album and your type of service is requested multiple times, we will require you to take out Sell it! Space, rather than collect business on the album itself for free.

If you have recommendations for a product or service you like, please leave a review on the individual image. If you want to recommend a product or service that is not in our album, we welcome genuine and heartfelt reviews and recommendations on our Sell it! Album.

If you are looking to advertise your businesses, Sell it! offers a tiered system. You will get a custom-made graphics and the ability to advertise special services related to your business throughout the month.

The cost for a 3-month spot on our Sell It! starts at $30 USD.

Marketing Posts

If you do not think Sell It! is right for your business, remember that ll posts about your business, or a business you work with, must be approved by admins before posting to the group. Some opportunities . may be approved to post on the wall with no issues with the note *Admin Approved* other may require a fee or approval to access our extensive network of prescreened travel bloggers. Email us at for more information.
Influencer Outreach

If you have a business or know someone who does that wishes to connect with bloggers/influencers, send us an email! This is a PAID spot within the group to tap into our extensive influencer network.

We have discounted member rates, as well as social media and website packages. We are looking for long-term partnerships that will benefit both parties.

Please contact us to learn more.


If you want to host an #FTBMeetup – please post on the wall to gauge interest. Once you have 3 people interested, please email us to authorize the creation of an event in the group.

If you want to be a meetup host, committed to hosting 4 meetups a year please fill out this form and we will be in touch.

Community FAQs

What if someone doesn’t post my collab post?

Sometimes collab posts don’t get posted in a timely manner for whatever reason. If you feel that your post should have been uploaded by now, send them an email checking in to ask about the post. If you don’t receive a response, wait a few days then tab them in that month’s collab thread. If they don’t respond to either of those with at least a week to do so, feel free to use the content on your own blog if applicable.

This isn’t something FTB will force people to do or monitor.

What if I want to warn the group about a negative experience I had?

There is a difference between warning people about an unpleasant experience you had and bad mouthing someone and their business. We ask that if you feel like you MUST do it, that you frame it in a constructive way giving your honest feedback, why, and alternative options (without links). These posts are closely monitored as they often turn into personal attacks and derail quickly.

Reminder: Screenshots of private conversations or from other groups are not allowed in our group ever!

What if I don’t like another blogger in the group and don’t have anything positive to say about them?

Let’s be real, you’re not going to get along with everyone in the group and that’s okay. What isn’t okay is if you pick fights, call people names, or talk badly about other female travel bloggers (whether they are in the group or not). If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it and keep scrolling!

What if I don’t agree with another blogger on a stance they have?

This happens ALL THE TIME in our group. The key to handling this gracefully and having a healthy discussion is to remain open. Remember that we are a global group with girls from all walks of life, with different experiences and levels of privilege. That means that I may feel completely different about something than you do, and that’s okay.

If you can tell someone why you feel a way you do or educate someone in a calm, respectful manner, DO IT! We do not want people name calling, or being aggressive saying that their point of view is the best or only one. It’s not true and our diversity is what makes our group and our conversations so amazing!

What if someone’s post in a Web Wednesday thread or on Blog Post Saturday goes against my beliefs?

This can definitely happen! If it happens in Web Wednesday, politely let the person know that due to your beliefs you reciprocated on X post instead. If it’s a Blog Post Saturday post, keep scrolling or give a different post of theirs love if you want to reciprocate. Easy peasy!

What if an admin or moderator tells me to remove my comment/post and I don’t think it should be?

If you think your post should be allowed, DO NOT argue with the moderator in the group on the post that we asked you to remove. That’s the fastest way to get a strike for disrespecting a moderator. If we asked you to remove it, there’s a reason. Send us a PM and politely ask why your post was removed and how you can avoid breaking that rule in the future. We don’t want to be mean and we don’t just make up rules as we go. They’re all clearly laid out here.

What if I want to share a win in the group, can I?

We have a designated thread for that every other Monday now! Please save your wins for this thread so we can keep our feed open for questions and so you can give us all the details on HOW you scored that win!

I’m running a giveaway, can I share it in the group?

Giveaways can be shared on Blog Post Saturday if they are at the bottom of a travel focused post. You can also take out a Sell it! spot to promote it or do a one time post in our group for a small fee. Email us for more details.

I’m a finalist for a contest, can I ask for votes in the group?

Unfortunately, we had too many of these types of posts and no longer allow them.

I have a last minute thing I want to advertise/promote in the group. Can I just post it and say admin remove if not allowed?

NO! This happens all the time and it’s super annoying. Plan ahead so you have time to get the post approved by admins or purchase ad space. If it is truly last minute, tag the weekly admin in their graphic (posted on Monday) letting them know you sent a time sensitive email. This will ensure it’s seen and responded to quickly.

Whenever you feel the need to write “delete if not allowed” 99.9% of the time that’s because it is not allowed and you know that. When in doubt, ask so you don’t receive a strike.

What do I do if I see a post, but don’t have anything constructive to add?

Keep scrolling. Do not write a one or two word answer. If you can’t elaborate, offer insight, share an example, etc. then don’t answer!

Someone asked a question about a blog post I have, can I share it as a response?

Yes, BUT not without providing value first. Answer the question with some little tidbits of info and the main points of your post. Then tell them they can find more information here if they would like it. That looks way more natural and genuinely helpful than a random link drop.

What if someone asks for posts to share on their social media, can I leave links to my social media so they can tag me in them?

No. Never! You can leave your handle, eg@femaletravelbloggers, to make it easy for them but not your actual link.

I want to find new people to follow in the group. Can I start a follow for follow thread?

We don’t allow follow for follow threads because we actually have designated ones in the group! Click the links that follow to be taken to that follow for follow thread: Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. Make sure you read the rules of that thread as we don’t want people responding to everyone’s comment saying hey I followed you because then it will have a million comments!

I am looking for guest posts, Liebster awards, or link swaps. Where do I look?

We have a designated thread for guest posts and Liebster awards here. You can use this to look for new guest posting or Liebster award opportunities or you can use it to post your own guest posts for your website. This is also the spot where you should ask for photos for specific blog posts if you need them too. Please do not post these opportunities in the main feed.

We have a separate thread specifically for link swaps where you can ask for a link to one of your post or you can look for people who have posts similar to you. You can check out that thread here.

I want to join reciprocation threads or find new groups to join, can I post in the group?

If you are looking for new groups to join, Insta pods, group boards, etc. then you can check out the FTB Social thread. Our only rules with this thread is that you aren’t linking to your social media AND you aren’t posting about groups that directly compete with FTB.

I want to give a shout out about a great course, product, or service I used recently, can I?

Absolutely! It’s wonderful to give courses and services shoutouts in the group, however we ask that you don’t tag the person or link directly to the person’s website. For instance, if you took one of Nomadic Matt’s travel blogging courses you can say hey I took this course this weekend by Nomadic Matt called X and it was amazing! It really helped me figure out X, Y, Z so I totally recommend it.

If the person is in our Sell it, then it would be awesome to mention in your post that you found them in the Sell it album and link to it so others can find it. In any of these posts, affiliate links or direct links to the website ARE NOT ALLOWED unless they are FTB affiliate links.

I want to promote my business, course, freebie, etc. How can I do that?

We have an awesome way to promote your business ventures called Sell it! It allows you to target female travel bloggers in our community with posts in the group, shoutouts on our social media, shoutouts in our newsletter and more! Go learn more about this opportunity here.

I am looking for influencers to promote my products/services, how do I do that?

We love helping businesses connect with influencers in our group. We have rates based on your needs and the scope of your project. Send us an email that includes a description of what you want the influencers to promote, how many influencers you would like, your deadline, and any other important information so we can respond with a quote.

The company I work for needs influencers, wants people to test their product, or wants to pay guest posters. Can I post?

This is something that we require approval for. We have rates based on your company’s needs and the scope of their project. Send us an email that includes a description of what you want the influencers to promote, how many influencers you would like, your deadline, and any other important information so we can respond with a quote.

I want to meet some local girls, how do I set that up?

Woohoo! We love FTB Meetups. We have meetups happening all around the world. To start a meetup, post in the group gaining interest on who is around and who is interested. Once you decide on a date and have at least 3 people coming to your meetup, send us an email at so we know when it’s happening and to give you approval to create an event in FTB.

I have a new post, where and when can I share it?

Yay for new posts! You can share your new posts on Blog Post Saturday as long as they meet these guidelines or during our Web Wednesday thread. We only allow travel focused content to be shared in our group though, so if it falls outside of that category it isn’t allowed. It’s also important to note that you may not share it FROM your Facebook page on Blog Post Saturday. It must be shared directly from your website.

Can I share something interesting that I see from social media?

Shares from social media are never allowed. If you want to share an interesting post, follow it back to the blog post and share it directly with your own thoughts and ideas tacked onto it.

Can I share something from my social media, even if I’m not trying to self promote?

Social media shares are never allowed. If you have a question about your social media or want feedback on it, you may post a screenshot of the issue, but not a link to the social media in question.

Can I share affiliate links to a product I love?

FTB has a bunch of affiliate links and we prefer that our links are recommended to help keep the group running for you amazing ladies. If you have an affiliate link for a specific product or course that FTB doesn’t promote, you can ask the person to send you a PM if they want to use it. Do not post it directly on the post as this will result in a strike.