Everyone has heard of using Facebook live for their business, but what about your blog? Facebook live is such an underused tool in the travel blogging world and we are here to tell you how to use Facebook live so that it’s your new blogging best friend (after us of course).

If you haven’t used Facebook live yet, it’s where you set up your phone or camera and start a live stream on your personal page, your blog’s Facebook page, or in a group for everyone to see and engage with. It’s a great way to show your fans that you’re just a normal person on the other side of the screen which helps them connect with you on a personal level. It’s also a great way to show your expertise, answer questions, or give your honest thoughts/feedback to your audience.

So now that you know what it is, we will show you how to use Facebook live to grow your blog.

1. Use Facebook live to give a review on one of your favorite products

This is a great way to do show your audience exactly what you love about a product you recommend on your site and WHY you recommend it. It builds trust with your readers too because they see that you have actually used the product and takes them from what is this product to OMG I need one in 5 minutes or less. You can then have the affiliate link in the video’s description or link to a text version of your product review for those who like to read reviews instead of watching videos on it.

It’s also awesome because you can tag the brand showing them that you love and use your products. It also shows them that you’re already pushing their products and they may send you an extra thank you or reach out to you for sponsored content.

2. Show what you packed and link to a packing list

This is a great way to demonstrate something useful to your readers, like how much you can fit in a bag (we’re a pro at fitting way more than you would expect into a small suitcase), while also promoting your affiliate links. You can show some of your favorite items to take along then send your audience to your packing list blog post so they can grab some of their favorite items for their next trip.

packing list

Show your viewers what you’re packing for your next trip

3. Tell your favorite thing about a place you’ve been and link to a guide you have

When you post a new post on your blog, try hopping on a video to tell people some of your favorite things in your new city guide. It allows you to give some backstory on why those places are your favorite and maybe even include a funny story about that place that you didn’t include in your blog post. It shows your readers that you actually have experience with the places you suggested and allows you to gain some extra buzz about your new blog post by linking to it in the video description.

4. Show a place you are that you’ll have a post coming out soon for

I love going Live while I’m traveling because it allows people to see the world through my eyes for a second. It’s a great way to make your readers feel connected to you and to inspire a little bit of wanderlust for them on a random weekday. It also allows you to drum up some excitement for an upcoming blog post if you are showing them and telling them some of your favorite things you’ve done so far or foods you have tried. You can also take the time to ask them what things they want to see or read about in your post so you can make sure you’re answering their questions.

That leads us to our next point!

5. Ask your audience what they want to hear about!

You have a group of people excited to hear what you have to say on Facebook, so why not ask them what they want to read about! Do they want more city guides? Maybe they want some specific gift guides or a list of travel quotes. Ask them and see what makes them excited so you can learn more about your audience.

Twitter Chats are just as beneficial for driving traffic to your blog! Find out exactly why they are great to participate in, here

6. Do a live video about your blog and your mission

Just because they follow you on Facebook doesn’t mean they know anything about your blog or your mission for your blog! Take the opportunity to be raw and lay everything out there on the table. It’s a great way for people to connect with you on a very personal level and you can draw in more people who are emotionally invested in the same causes and experiences you are. That is such a powerful thing because you went from just a Facebook fan to a loyal follower who feels like you’re a personal friend that they can trust. That’s HUGE!

7. Promote a new email optin

Last but not least, you can use Facebook live to talk about a new opt-in you have, who it’s for, the story behind why you felt you needed to create it, etc. It’s a great way of getting people talking about your new opt-in/freebie that gives them more information about why it’s something they need. You get to fulfill a need for your audience AND you get a new email subscriber. It’s a win-win!

There you have it! If you thought Facebook live was for anyone but you and your blog, you’re wrong! We want you to take these 7 ways you can use Facebook live to grow your blog and try one of them a week for the next 7 weeks. It will feel strange and maybe a little bit awkward at first while you get used to doing Facebook lives, but you’ll come out feeling stronger and hopefully have more traffic from your videos too. Let us know in our Facebook group Female Travel Bloggers if this post helped you understand how to use Facebook live to drive traffic to your blog.

Jess Shetler

Jess Shetler


Jess is a cat loving, mountain climbing, cowgirl boot wearing travel blogger from Texas, USA.. She writes about tips and tricks for budget travel, pet travel, and outdoor adventures. When she’s not doing that, she’s helping others harness the power of Pinterest and filling up her travel inspiration board.

Follow her on her site Thrifty Traveler Tips to learn about her travels; and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest here.

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