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Greece Logue

Greece Logue

Social Media Specialist & Travel Consultant


Beaten by the travel bug in early childhood, I grew up to explore the world around me. My first travel article dates back to my high school years. In a whirlwind of events, I went from doing part-time inventory / acquisition & marketing in a travel agency to running one to writing travel articles & promoting them, to working in a travel agency again, and back to freelancing.

Through LooknWalk Greece I have always offered travel consultant services. With extensive knowledge about Europe, I have always loved to help others get to know my continent. Obviously, Greece is my biggest playground, but I’ve traveled extensively in Italy, Hungary, and Romania, as well. I focus on helping you choose what’s best for your vacation. You choose where to go, where to stay, and how to travel, but I am here to guide you make the best choices.

If you are a travel business, I can help you build your social media presence. And never in a boring way. I love to experiment with new content ideas and personalize your experience. Also, if you are in need of content to share (articles) on social media, I can help with that as well.

No matter if you are someone who wants to travel to Greece or a business that wants to explore social media more, I can help you achieve your dreams. Stop by my blog and drop me an email.

Powerful Pins Strategies

Powerful Pins Strategies

Pinterest Service


Powerful Pin Strategies is a one stop shop for all your Pinterest needs.

Jess has been managing Pinterest accounts for almost 2 years and has worked with bloggers and businesses in many different niches! She offers personalized Virtual Assistant packages to suit anyone’s Pinterest needs or budgets. She also offers one on one Pinterest consultation/strategy sessions where she teaches you the skills you need to know to make your Pinterest successful.

Powerful Pin Strategies offers a range of services including: creating graphics (pins, cover images, etc.), writing SEO descriptions, pinning to group boards, participating in repin threads, scheduling content, requesting to join group boards, managing buyable pins, creating a Pinterest strategy, and so much more.

We are passionate about our client’s success on Pinterest and will go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. If you’re ready to harness the power of Pinterest, send Jess an email at powerfulpinstrategies@gmail.com or check out her website.


The Brand Tour

The Brand Tour

Branding Expert



A six-week coaching program with one of Melbourne’s top online business branding experts. Learn visual branding secrets to create designs that reflect your brand.

Discover how to create that first impression that makes potential clients love you… without them even knowing why.

With a focus on simplicity and action, you’ll have all you need to create a standout brand for yourself or your clients.

Spots are strictly limited. Click on the link above to get in at an early bird price!

Website Promotion



Personal Blog


MVMT Blog is celebrating its one year anniversary this month!

MVMT Blog is a travel blog dedicated to showing you how you can travel outside the boundaries of work, school, and other obligations that inevitably plague our lives. You can find resources and tips on how to maximize your vacation days and budget so that you can travel the world while fulfilling the obligations and responsibilities in your life. These tips are tried and true by the creators of MVMT Blog, Diana and Hope, two sisters hailing from Chicago and Toronto/Michigan.

Diana and Hope have traveled to over 45 countries and have 5-10 more planned for the second half of 2017. Follow along this month as they embark on their annual sister trip – this time to the Balkans.

Year Of The Monkey

Year Of The Monkey

Personal Blog


Hi there! I am Paroma Chakravarty and I am a San Francisco based blogger writing about my travel adventures, exciting new cuisine, pet friendly travel and insider tips on decoding San Francisco on my blog The Year of the Monkey.

If my blog’s name has made you smile, you might be further amused to know that it has no connection whatsoever with my birth year (I am in fact, the year of the sheep). The idea behind this blog is simple: life is blah as a human (I should know, I am a scientist by day) but it is way more exciting to monkey around and visit all the wonderful destinations near and far. And what better than me sweating it out and devouring everything in sight to regurigrate, nay share, some of that travel wisdom with you?

With my blog, not only do you get to travel virtually with me via my photographs but also get ideas for your own travel via my super friendly travel guides. I also write extensively about my culinary adventures which includes food tours and new cuisines so as not to disappoint the epicurean in you. My blog caters to both two and four legged beings, which means there is ample fodder for pet parents to plan their next travel destination with their furry companions. I have extensive travel guides on dog-friendly travel in California and have been featured several times on a premier pet friendly travel website for my California based pet travel posts.

Finally, for all things San Francisco, you absolutely have to stop by my blog. From off-beat attractions to budget travel to cheap eats to fine dining to everything in between to panoramic views to best places for sunrise and sunset, I have been there and done it all in the last seven years. And, I generously share these secrets with my readers of different tastes, budgets and palates for them to have a good time when in fog city.

Let us embark on this journey of monkeying together. I hope to inspire you to get that wanderlust fired, that backpack dusted and those boots strapped on for unknown adventures in distant lands via my travel guides, food posts and travel hacks. Life is too short to not have fun; why not have this Bay Monkey lend you a helping hand (or, paw)?

Glorious Sunrise

Glorious Sunrise

Personal Blog


Priya’s Glorious Sunrise blog is the one stop for all information about South Indian travel. She offers beautiful customized travel itinerary services to plan your dream tour in South India.

Books and food are also major topics of the blog. Priya has written and ghost-written many best-selling books that continuously are in the Top 100 books in various categories on Amazon.

Priya offers writing services too including books, e-books with cover design, blog posts with high quality images and other write-ups.

Contact her at the link above to learn more.

Flights To Fancy

Flights To Fancy

Personal Blog


Flights To Fancy is all about seeing the world a week at a time in luxury for less.

I focus on great deals and I never pay full price for anything. And I mean never! I’m not a budget traveler though and you won’t find me coach surfing or hostel hopping any time soon but I will show you how to get the most out of your travel dollar.

I’m Sydney based and hold down a full time job while travelling overseas at least four times a year with a healthy dose of Aussie short breaks added to the mix. One of my favourite parts of roaming the globe is eating and drinking a little more liberally than I would at home and I feature many of my fabulous feasts.

I share my travel stories so you can learn from my experiences (and my mistakes) to plan your own perfect getaway. Come join me on my adventures!