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London’s Best Instagram and Photography Locations

London is one of the most iconic and most photographed cities in the world. Its sprawling nature means that hidden away among the winding streets are cozy cafes filled with flowers, charming baked goods, and dreamy facades - perfect for taking those viral...
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      Get To Know Kelly From Girl With A Passport

      The FTB Community is run by a team of women from all around the world. We want you to get to know us better so have posed some probing questions to each of the team! In this post we get to know Kelly Ann Duhigg from Girl With A Passport. What inspired you to start...

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      Get To Know Sophie From Travels Of Sophie

      The FTB Community is run by a team of women from all around the world. We want you to get to know us better so have posed some probing questions to each of the team! In this post we get to know Sophie Clapton from Travels of Sophie. What inspired you to start...

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London is one of the most iconic and most photographed cities in the world. Its sprawling nature means that hidden away among the winding streets are cozy cafes filled with flowers, charming baked goods, and dreamy facades – perfect for taking those viral Instagram photos in London. It’s grand and quirky architecture is sure to please every photographer in London with numerous locations for jaw-dropping photos. Whether you are a travel blogger looking to source the best photos for your trip to London or an Instagram influencer looking to get more likes on the gram these top photography and Instagram locations in London suggested by top female travel bloggers will keep you clicking away at every breathtaking sight. 

The Coppa Club Igloos

Christine Wheeler of Live Love Run Travel

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NEW BLOG POST: Learn how you can eat in @coppaclub’s igloos with or without a reservation (link in bio) 🇬🇧 I’m not a foodie, but eating in the igloos was one of the highlights of our trip because of the experience and the view (the food was good too though!). Bonus: the prices are normal London prices, and our meal was only £20. Tag someone you’d like to eat here with! . . . . . Since we aren’t foodies, we don’t usually spend much on food and will split meals to save money for other things. What is one area you are willing to cut costs to have more money for what you love? . . . . . (No, I’m not in this one – it was before I was in front of the camera much 😁)

A post shared by Christine | Travel Blogger (@liveloveruntravel) on

The Coppa Club igloos are Instafamous for a reason. In the winter, they provide a warm outdoor space with a perfect view of the River Thames and Tower Bridge. In the summer, they transform into a summer themed outdoor space with the same amazing view (this summer’s theme: Surfer Shacks).

While reservations fill up months in advance, they still make for beautiful photos and eating without a reservation is possible. The prices are normal London prices for food, and there is no upcharge for eating in the igloos. If you live in London or can plan ahead, book your reservation as soon as possible. If not, you can still stop by for pictures or try to walk-in like we did. Read more about the Coppa Club Igloos and where to find this awesome Instagram spot in London.


Covent Garden Market

Elizabeth Rhodes of Elizabeth Everywhere

Covent Garden Market, located in the center of London, is the perfect place to take beautiful photos for Instagram. The famous market itself is photo-worthy, but the seasonal decorations located around the perimeter of the market make it the perfect photo spot! Every season, there are new displays that correspond to different holidays and events. Last Christmas, there was a vintage VW Beetle car loaded with beautifully wrapped presents and holiday decorations, and now that spring has sprung, there are giant flower displays! The decorations are constantly changing, and every time they introduce a new photo-worthy backdrop, it’s Instagram-famous within a day or two! While these major decorations change fairly frequently, there are also Instagrammable decorations around the market all year long! Throughout the year, there are floral displays and wooden swings wrapped in seasonal floral arrangements, which are perfect for a quick snap! I love going here to photograph the seasonal displays and to take fashion shots with a cute backdrop!  


Richmond Park

Mansoureh Farahani Travel With Mansoureh

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We went out to find cherry blossom trees, but we ended up in the Richmond park where there was grass and normal huge trees. We tried our best to show that spring is here in London. I don’t know how successful we are! 🙈 ما دیروز رفتیم بیرون تا با درخت‌های شکوفه‌زدن بهاری عکس بگیریم، اما سر از پارک ریچموند لندن که در از درخت‌های بزرگ است درآوردیم و هیچ درخت شکوفه داری ندیدیم. اما ما تلاشمون را کردیم تا نشان بدهیم بهار به لندن هم رسیده، حالا نمی‌دونم چقدر موفق بودیم 🙈 #creativecoupletravels #travelawesome #TWMansoureh #coupletravel #couplegoals #londontopphoto #naturelovers #spring #traveladdict #travelrepost #couplegoals❤ #livingeurope #سفربامنصوره #لندن #زوج_مسافر

A post shared by Mansoureh Farahani (@mansoureh) on

Richmond Park, the largest of London’s Royal parks, is located in the south west of London. The park is the home to wild Red and Fallow deer and squirrels. For taking photos you can get close to the deer, but I would advise you to keep a minimum distance of 50 meters. You will also find huge old trees around the parks, which make it a great setting for Instagram shots. There are different locations for photo opportunities to delight every photographer in London. For example, on a sunny day, you can have your mat and create a picnic setting on one of the vast grassy fields. I recommend you go during the sunset for optimal lighting conditions.


Peggy Porschen Cakes

Serena Cao of Serena’s Lenses

Peggy Porschen Cakes, located in Belgravia near Victoria Station is one of the best Instagram spots in London. Known for its light pink exterior and flower decorations, Peggy Porschen attracts both domestic and international visitors. The flower decorations at Peggy Porschen changes by the season so it looks different every time! Besides its cute exterior, even its cupcakes are Instagram worthy and delicious.

Peggy Porschen Cakes is not the only instagrammable places in Belgravia. Along Elizabeth Street (the cross street where Peggy Porschen is), there are a number of stores with beautiful flower decorations outside of their stores. Some of the most beautifully decorated stores on Elizabeth Street include Les Senteurs, Pepa & Co, Jo Loves and Moyses Stevens Flowers. Belgravia is truly an instagrammer’s dream with these beautifully decorated storefronts. One tip to get the photo is to go early, especially at Peggy Porschen Cakes before it gets crowded.


Holland Park Mews

Annemarie Strehl of Travel on the Brain

Holland Park Gardens best photography spot in London

Holland Park near Notting Hill is a beautiful area that isn’t well known among tourists and therefore all the more peaceful. The area contains wonderfully preserved Victorian townhouses as well as a big park and garden landscape.

The area is publicly accessible and particularly quiet during the week as it’s residential. You can wander the cobblestone streets of Holland Park Mews and marvel at the mid-19th-century coach houses and stable accommodation that are left with bare brick fronts or painted beautifully. In mid to late May especially, you should come to visit for the deeply fragrant and purple wisteria branches hugging the iron wrought balconies and along the stairs.

Afterward, enter Holland Park gardens to find old forests right within London. Did you know London has a higher woodland percentage than all of England combined? Here, you can really soak up the fresh air before heading to the Holland Park theatre, opera or gardens. They are hosted in the ruin of Holland House, which was badly damaged in WWII but makes for a beautiful center stage nowadays.

It’s easy to reach Holland Park as there is a London Underground station on Central Line with the same name. Try to visit in the morning when the sunlight is very favorable for photographs and streams right into the Holland Park and Holland Park Mews streets.


Hyde Park

Stephanie Mayo of The World As I See It

Hyde Park London best photography spotIf you’re looking for the perfect spot to get that Instagram-worthy photo in London then head to Hyde Park. Covering 350 acres and home to over 4,000 trees, Hyde Park is one of the top outdoor attractions in London. Being the largest of London’s eight Royal Parks it has a lot to offer.

Hyde Park is full of photography locations worth checking out. You can snap a shot of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain or pose in the stunning rose garden. Capture the peace and tranquility of Serpentine, Hyde Park’s large lake or enjoy a cup of coffee at the waterside café. And if you’re looking for the Park’s pure natural beauty as your backdrop you can opt for a charming waterfall or one of the grand tree-lined paths.


Millennium Bridge

Susanna of Wandering Chocobo

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I turned 31 last weekend and my amazing husband took me on a surprise trip to London, where he gifted me with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets. I died a little inside. . We started the morning with Indian street food at the Borough Market, we washed that down with cupcakes and champagne, and followed that with mushroom toast. We then went on a stroll to see some of the Harry Potter filming locations like Millennium bridge and Leadenhall market. We even found the wand statues in front of St. Paul’s cathedral. The day finished with the Cursed Child part 1 and 2 and a lot of food during the intermission. Ugh I would be so fat if Iived in London. . Anyway, J.K. Rowling wants you to keep the secrets, so I can’t share details about the play, but I can say it is brilliant and so magical, just like my weekendl. 🧙🏼‍♀️🔮 . ⁉️What has been your favorite birthday so far? . #teampixel #pixel3 #googlepixel #femaletravelbloggers #ftbineurope #theprettycities #londoncalling #prettylittlelondon #thisislondon #prettycitylondon #toplondonphoto #igerslondon #ig_london #stpaulscathedral #visitlondon #unitedkingdom #uk #visitengland #lovelondon #mydarlinglondon #london_only #shutup_london #topeuropephoto #ig_europe #Harrypotter #keepthesecrets #pottermore #harrypotternerd #harrypotterfan #milleniumbridge

A post shared by Susanna • Wandering Chocobo (@wanderingchocobo) on

The Millennium Bridge is one of London’s newer iconic spots, with construction having only opened in 2000, but in its short life span, it has been featured in films such as Harry Potter and Guardians of the Galaxy and Netflix’s cult classic Black Mirror. Because of its unique design and popularity in films, the bridge is a great spot for photographs in London. The bridge crosses the Thames, so you can not only get great shots of the bridge itself, but you can also get a perfectly symmetrical shot of St. Paul’s Cathedral which is just beyond the bridge. It is also a great vantage point for photographs of the Tower Bridge. 

As an added bonus if you continue past the bridge toward St. Paul’s, you will soon find yourself walking down a path lined with wands from Harry Potter. You’ll find wands from your favorite witches and wizards and you can pose with them to make all your muggle friends jealous. 

To get this view, walk along the Thames river walk and cross the Millennium Bridge walking toward St. Paul’s.


The pink EL&N cafes

Federica Provolenti of A Stroll Around The World

Among all the nice cafeterias in London, the EL&N chain design the best Instagrammable ones. With several central locations, Elan cafès are easily recognizable for the pink tones that dominate the interior design. Flowers, pretty neon lights written on the walls, lovely decorations everywhere make the Elan Cafès the best Instagram location in London. As they are trendy, they are often packed, and there are long lines before being seated. The good is that given their enormous success, they usually open a new venue not known by the mass, as it is the case of the last one opened in Belgravia. As every respectable Instagrammable cafeteria, at the Elan not only the interior is pretty. Also, the food served, and the cocktails are eye-catching. On the downside, the quality of their food and patisseries is not as good as the one offered by other Instagrammable places like the Porshen café’.


Sexby Gardens

Alysa Tarrant of Voyaging Herbivore

If you’re looking for an escape from city life, Sexby Gardens is the place to go. With so many beautifully cultivated garden trails, it’s easy to lose yourself here for hours. It’s also typically nice and quiet and very easy to take great photos without people in them, or without disturbing other garden goers. Sexby Gardens is a specific small garden located within the larger nature area. Take some time to wander the trails and appreciate the fountains and many beautiful seating areas. Sexby itself is full of florals, greens, and gazebos that will leave your phone storage or SD card full at the end of the day. Sexby Gardens is located south of the river and is easily accessible via bus or tube. Find a route on Google Maps or City Mapper.


Bird’s Eye View from St. Paul’s

Christine Wheeler of Live Love Run Travel

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If you are headed to London, make sure to go to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral (you can find our full 3 day itinerary for London including lots of Instagrammable spots at the link in my bio or in my stories!). I remember going up here when I went to London for the first time at age 13 or so. I talked it up to my husband when we went last year and was nervous I was remembering it wrong. I wasn’t. In fact, I might have even loved it more this time (but I loved the stairs to get up there WAY less this time 😂). It’s my favorite view of London. It closes before the church, so make sure to get up there in time – stay until it closes to have it to yourself the last 5-10 minutes. In the winter, that means you’ll catch the start of the sunset which makes it even more magical! Sharing additional pictures in stories! . . . . . (Not the usual post from me, I know. I’m behind the lens where I prefer to be instead of in front of it. Do you prefer being in front of or behind the camera? Which type of photos do you prefer?)

A post shared by Christine | Travel Blogger (@liveloveruntravel) on

When I first visited London over 20 years ago as a kid with my family, we climbed to the top of the Dome at St. Paul’s Cathedral. I remember having all kinds of energy to climb the stairs to the Whispering Gallery and then continue to the top. I was blown away by the view from the dome above the cathedral. When I returned recently for a long layover in London, I knew that revisiting the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral had to be a part of my London itinerary. We made plans to climb to the top near closing. While the stairs took a little more energy than I remembered, the view still took my breath away.

During winter, the dome closes just before sunset. We stayed at the top until it closed to enjoy the views and part of the sunset from the top. Going up just before closing also meant fewer people at the top. The space on the walkway around the dome is limited, so people move in one direction and very slowly. Be patient as pushing and shoving gets you nowhere. If you want to stop for a picture, move over to the railing. Otherwise, stay against the dome and keep moving.

It will be crowded at the top during busy parts of the day, so plan to visit the top during near opening or closing times if possible. Be aware that the dome does close earlier than the Cathedral, and the entrance is included in your ticket price. If you are claustrophobic or have a fear of heights, this may not be the most fun activity for you, but the view is worth it if you can overcome it.


London Eye

Elizabeth Rhodes of Elizabeth Everywhere

Along with Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, the London Eye is one of the most iconic sights in the British capital making it a must-see photography location in London. You can spot the Eye from a number of spots in the city, but my favorite view is from directly across the river. If you walk along the river from Westminster station to Embankment, you’ll find yourself across the Thames from the London Eye. This is the perfect spot for a photo of the Eye because you can get the entire monument in one shot without any tourists in the way!


Elizabeth Street

Paula D’Urbano of Travel with Pau

Elizabeth Street is probably the most instagrammable street in London! That’s because various of its stores across a stretch of 300 meters have unique displays which make the Instagram shots London influencers love. If you get off in Victoria Station, turn from Buckingham Palace Road into Elizabeth Street. The first store you’ll find is Dominique Ansel Bakery which not only does amazing and totally instagrammable patisserie, but also features floral displays in the outside and inside courtyard. Hush follows, with usually lush green displays. Perfume store Jo Loves follows and also does cute floral displays. After that, it’s Moyses Stevens turn, an actual flower shop which always looks great on the outside and on the inside as the roof is covered in flowers. Last Les Senteurs, another perfume shop, always surprises us with its displays, such as a giant perfume bottle “spraying” flowers. The good thing is that these stores change their displays seasonally or create special displays for special events throughout the year such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween or Christmas among others. Additionally, some of the other stores across the street are trying not to be left behind on this trend so look around. Last, Eccleston Yards is accessible by Eccleston Place which crosses Elizabeth Street and features a Frida Kahlo mural which makes a great insta shot too!



The ‘secret’ Pergola and Hill Gardens

Josy of A Walk and A Lark

roses in pergola gardens best photo spot in London

Are you ready to find London’s most flower-filled, picturesque photo spot? The secret Pergola and Hill Gardens are divided into two sections. One area is surrounded by pergolas that are adorned by wisteria and roses. Every time I have visited there has been at least one photographer and model pair taking photos around the pergolas. This part of the garden has some great views down to the rest of London.

The other side of the garden is a little more formal, with a square pond and neatly cut grass. After you have taken your photos, this is a fantastic area to relax with prosecco and a picnic. I love it this area because it is quiet despite being ridiculously pretty.

Reach the gardens by taking the 210 bus to Inverforth House, or walk up from Hampstead. Once you have taken your stunning insta-photos, stop off in Golders Hill Park for tasty gelato.


Brick Lane Street Art

Dani from Dani Acro

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⤖ Triple Threat ⤖ Danie – Josh -Sadiq @danieacro @joshua.smith.circus @_sadiqsadiq These guys are SUCH a pleasure to CREATE +train with. Boundless creativity + a sense of PLAY + and ALL the encouragement to work hard + OWN IT. Who SPARKLES you UP? Who Makes you want to go on ADVENTURED + do the IMPOSSIBLE? Tag you creative + workout BESTIES below + tell them why they sparkle you up! Photo:@glenmccarty _________ #circus #handstand #uk #calisthenics #cirque #acrobatics #acro #inversion #gymnastics #thisislondon #aerialist #streetworkout #circuseverydamnday #acroyoga #inversionjunkie #balance #circusinspiration #londonlife #igerslondon #england #circuslife #handstands #yogaeverydamnday #circo #gymnast #acrobat #abs #shredded #muscle #sixpack

A post shared by Acro + Handstands + Travel (@danieacro) on

Looking for your own personal street art walking and photography experience? Wanna see the creative, grittier side of London? Start in super hip Shoreditch and head east towards Brick Lane. Walk the streets of Brick Lane for ever-changing murals by well-known artists like Banksy, Stik, Roa, and David Walker and then wander through the Nomadic Garden (pictured here) for some equally creative more egalitarian street art. A million photos await, and with the constantly changing nature of street art, your’s is more likely to be an original.


The Ivy Chelsea Garden

Viola Wang of The Blessing Bucket

One cannot visit London and not indulge in afternoon tea. The Ivy Chelsea Garden offers one of the most beautiful settings for an Insta worthy tea experience. It’s hard to decide whether to sit inside or outside. While the interior of the restaurant features luxurious decors that will make you feel like royalty, the outdoor garden is so lush and stunning in the summer. Either way, you cannot go wrong. Order the afternoon tea set and have yourself a quintessentially British experience. The Ivy Chelsea Garden’s tea set comes with a delicious selection of sandwiches and scones. They look as amazing as they taste. After your belly is full, make sure to grab a last photo under the epic flower arch at the door on your way out. The restaurant changes up the flowers seasonally, so every time you visit, it’s a different aesthetic.


Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is one of London’s most notable features and no trip to London is complete without adding it to your must photography spots in London. The bridge can be captured from many different angles and if you want a unique perspective you can cross the bridge and capture the intricate latticework, which will give your photos some great line features. However, if you want to capture the entire bridge then you will want to walk along the Thames river walk. If you want to avoid crowds then try waking up early on weekends to catch the sunrise. If you have a good camera and a decent tripod, you can even try going at night as the bridge lights up shining in the night. 


St. Paul’s Cathedral

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The more you learn about something, like this church, the stranger it seems. . This Church, St. Paul’s Cathedral, is one of the most important buildings in London, despite being surrounded by some of the world’s most cutting-edge architecture. For a long time no building could be taller than this church, reminding me that most cities in the world are built around religion. However, as New York began to build skyscrapers London got a bit jealous. So, they introduced an idea that as long as you could see this church from one of the seven hills surrounding London, you could build tall buildings. This church shaped London’s skyline and has brought about an era of funky architecture with skyscrapers testing architecture and resulting in names such as gurkin, cheese grater, and walkie-talkie. There are even some bushes with holes cut in them, so you can see this church from the hills. The more I think about this the more I think it is a bit strange that an entire city is structured to accommodate one church. But hey, London has a pretty cool skyline, if you ask me. . ⁉️What is a weird outdated law in your city? . This was taken on my new Pixel 3 with no editing! In fact, I left my camera home on this most recent trip to London and I hardly missed it!. . #teampixel #pixel3 #femaletravelbloggers #ftbineurope #theprettycities #londoncalling #prettylittlelondon #thisislondon #prettycitylondon #toplondonphoto #igerslondon #ig_london #stpaulscathedral #visitlondon #unitedkingdom #uk #visitengland #lovelondon #mydarlinglondon #london_only #shutup_london #topeuropephoto #ig_europe #femaletravelbloggers #europe_vacations #girlsborntotravel #Flashesofdelight #wheretofindme #openmyworld #awesome_earthptix

A post shared by Susanna • Wandering Chocobo (@wanderingchocobo) on

The caption of this Instagram spot in London, just about says it all. St. Paul’s Cathedral is not only an iconic photo in its own right, but it has shaped an era of interesting and cutting edge architecture in the London skyline. Every photographer should spend time walking around the city trying to capture St. Paul’s from various angles, hills, and see if you can spot it down various alleyways. One of the best photographs of St. Paul’s, which is great for Instagram is to walk down the Queen’s Head Passage where you can just spot this gorgeous church peaking out from the narrow alleyway. Where is your favorite spots to photograph St. Paul’s in London?


Where is Your Favorite Instagram of Photo Spot in London?

How many of these top Instagram and photography spots in London have you found? We would love to see you top London Instagram spots in London, so make sure you tag and follow us on Instagram so we can share the pretties places in London. 

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Are you looking for the best photo spots in London? We have your back! Come check out these 17 cool photo ops in London and why they're our favorites. We know they will make your London photography spots list like they did ours. Don't forget to save it to your London board so you can find it later. #london #uktravel #uk #femaletravelbloggers

Are you looking for the best photo spots in London? We have your back! Come check out these 17 cool photo ops in London and why they're our favorites. We know they will make your London photography spots list like they did ours. Don't forget to save it to your London board so you can find it later. #london #uktravel #uk #femaletravelbloggers