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Buying travel gifts for travel-loving people in your life can be difficult. We have put together 20 travel gift ideas that will not only make your shopping easier but also give you plenty of inspiration for your own Christmas List!

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20 Of The Best Travel Gift Ideas

1. Travel Themed Wall Decals

These are the perfect addition to dress up a blank wall. Your travel-loving friend will LOVE to show off her sense of wanderlust in her apartment or house. We love this Adventure Awaits, travel, stamp, and world map decals!

2. Travel Themed Decorative Pillow Cases

We LOVE these travel-themed decorative pillow cases. These will look amazing on your traveling friends’ couch, chair, or bed to show off their love of travel. I mean how cute are these map, compass, Not All Who Wander Are Lost, and Never Stop Exploring pillowcases?! They make perfect travel gifts!

3. Travel Themed Shower Curtain

What’s cooler than having a travel themed shower curtain?! Your travel-loving friend is going to ADORE these super cute shower curtains including a map curtain, a cute travel quote curtain, and a London themed shower curtain. Can you choose just one?! We want all three!

4. World Map

You can never go wrong with a cool map for someone who loves to travel. We included three versions so you can choose the one that fits with your friend’s personality. There is the basic world map poster, a scratch-off world map poster, and a corkboard push pin map. Grab one so your friend has a new talking piece in their home!

5. Travel Themed Vinyl Wall Art

If you’re looking for unusual travel gifts ideas, or you have a travel and vinyl loving friend, we have the PERFECT gift. Check out these awesome travel themed vinyl wall art including one that is etched into the vinyl, and two that are carved into the vinyl. Personally, we would buy all three!!

6. Vintage Travel Trunk Decor

If your friend loves to decorate and loves cute vintage decor, this is a great choice for them! We love these adorable vintage travel trunks including one with an old map on it, a set of wooden decorative suitcases, and a set of three map chests. They look amazing sitting in your home!

7. Travel Cake Topper

If you know someone who is getting married and loves to travel, or if their bridal shower is coming up, you can grab one of these adorable cake toppers. There’s the super romantic kissing cake topper, an on top of the world cake topper, and an Adventure Awaits cake topper.

8. Globes

If your friend doesn’t have a globe, THEY NEED ONE! No, but seriously. That’s a staple of any travel lovers home. Check out this cute wooden globe, this illuminated globe, or this INCREDIBLE decorative globe that is sure to be the focus of any get-together.

9. Travel themed bedspreads

We LOVE these adorable travel themed bedspreads and so will your friend! Check out this bedspread set with vintage suitcases, a compass bedspread, and a vintage tropical stamp bedspread. Which one is perfect for your friend?

10. Travel themed mugs

If your friend can’t take a trip right now, at least let them drink out of a cute travel themed mug. We love this travel is my therapy mug, this cool Chicago coffee mug, and this adventure begins mug. We won’t tell if you buy one for yourself too – after all, these travel gift ideas are valid for your own gifts too!

If you’re looking for a gift for the traveling man in your life, check this gift guide out!

11. Travel themed doormats

I feel like I always need a new doormat (maybe I need more doors too so all my doormats have a place to live). We absolutely love this map doormat, this adventure awaits doormat and this beautiful retro colorful map doormat. Your friend will absolutely LOVE opening this gift.

12. Paris themed pet stuff

If your friend REALLY loves travel, they will definitely want some Paris themed pet bowls. I mean how freaking cute is this personalized Eiffel Tower pet bowl, this France buildings bowl, and the French kiss cat bowl. Go grab one of these cute pet bowls that make perfect travel gifts.

13. Travel themed wall art

There is some beautiful travel-themed wall art that will look awesome on your friend’s wall and show off their love of travel. Check out this window frame wall art, this unique world map, this cool watercolor world map canvas, and this detailed colorful world map canvas. Your friend will LOVE it!

14. Travel themed coasters

Everyone needs some cool travel themed coasters! Check out these old world map coasters, cities coaster set, or these bamboo state coasters. They’re both unique and functional, making them the perfect gift!

15. Travel themed ornaments

One of my favorite things to do is hang our travel themed ornaments on our tree. Travel ornaments are a great way to relive your favorite experiences around the world. Grab this stacked sign ornament, airplane globe ornament, or skyline ornament for your friend.

16. Travel scrapbook or photo book

If your friend is sentimental, you should definitely grab them a travel scrapbook or photo book so they can keep their memories forever! Check out 3 of our favorite picks: an adorable adventure book photo album, an embossed album, or a unique world map photo album. Which one is your favorite?

17. Travel themed bar

We love these travel-themed bar supplies like this AMAZING globe bar. Your friend will be the blown away by this amazing travel themed bar! If you still want to give a cute travel gift but can’t afford the bar, we love the plane bottle opener and wine bottle stopper.

18. Travel themed calendars

You need a calendar to help keep your life on track, so why not have a travel-themed one? We narrowed it down to our top 3 travel-themed calendars so it’s easier for you. We recommend this scenic hiking calendar, 1,000 places to see before you die, and a daily desk calendar – they all make perfect travel gifts!

19. Travel themed Shadowboxes

Do you have a friend who loves to keep all of their ticket stubs? They will love one of these awesome travel themed shadow boxes like this Oh the Places We’ve Been one, this I Haven’t Been Everywhere but it’s on my list, and this Drop Your Tickets one. Shadow boxes are the perfect way to show off the fun things your friend has done, making it an awesome gift!

20. Travel piggy bank

One of my favorite things in my house is my travel piggy bank! It lets us see how close we are to having enough money to make our travel dreams come true. Check out this suitcase piggy bank, this vacation fund piggy bank, and this travel fund piggy bank. Your friend is going to ADORE this gift!

There you have it! 20 amazing travel gift ideas for your travel-loving friend. Grab these travel gifts for your friend or share this post as a not so subtle hint to your friends and family 😉

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